Galactic Codes & A Channeled Poetic Message

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Switchboard to the Stars
with Madeleine St.Jacques
October 25, 2014

 It is so wonderful to be back with you again in this way. I’ve been in the midst of a deeply expansive upgrade for the past few weeks and am thrilled to be able to share some of the fruits of this process with you.

A couple of things on the menu for today: 1) Healing galactic codes and color frequencies 2) a channeled poetic message from my Angelic collective. Sound good?

Great, let’s dive in.

Sit quietly if you can as you look at the image below…

Breathe. Breathe again. Breathe in the frequencies, absorbing the spectrum of colors; each with its own purpose and intelligence.

You are infused with light; frequencies that you now carry within. There is nothing you must do; simply allow… receive… and settle in to the flow.

“Rainbow Codes” – Healing Energetic Frequencies of Color and Encodements


A channeled poetic message from my Angelic Collective


holding one’s hand in the darkness

the drive to see that which unfolds before you, in a space of certainty


the way of the world

its movement propels you through

Scared and unsure, your ‘sight’ illuminating the farthest corners of doubt

pressing you to believe that which cannot be seen


it cannot be known by the mind

its intent pressing around it; molding it into shapes that seem familiar

Yet, where things flow, is unknown

Our minds cannot conceive of its wondrous abundance

so vast

so true

The possibilities luminous, like sparks flying through the night

safely landing and lodging into fertile ground

We have only to believe in its power –its possibility

Relying on our Heart’s ‘sight’

Its expansive vision

ever luminous, as we travel through the night

Contact Madeleine to learn how you can use galactic codes and color frequencies to create harmony and transmute suffering: | (862) 216-1169

madeleine new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a Parenting Coach and Educator helping individuals and families create success, harmony, and peace in their lives. She is also an artist, writer, and Certified Human Design Specialist.

Whether you’re looking to create a customized stress-busting tool kit, or accelerate your evolutionary growth & development; she’s got just the thing. You determine the topics and you set the pace.

Madeleine’s passion is connecting you with practical, innovative resources & strategies that work. Tools that give you the inspiration and confidence you need to successfully shift the way you work, parent, and relate to your family, friends (and yourself!).

To start creating success, harmony and peace in your life connect with Madeleine, here:

Facebook: Switchboard to the Stars  |  Your Place of Peace

Twitter: @alchemyarts74

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Madeleine St Jacques

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