How to not freak out about the little things

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There are many times in our lives that we find ourselves on the edge, life becomes waaaay to serious and you tend to feel everyone is against you and your about ready to freak yourself and those around you out.

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But take heart dear sweet soul! There is a solution!


That’s right. Just breathe.

When we give ourselves permission to take a breath, to sit quietly, contemplate our navel, and just breathe, we come to the realization that life isn’t all that serious. In fact, it’s downright hilarious.

Every day there are amazing moments to be had, shared, laughed at and laughed with.

So for today, just this minute. Sit quietly, give thanks for this moment.

and remember…

There are no ordinary moments…Dan Millman.

Five easy peasy ways to stop stressing & enjoy the moment.

    1. Drink water from a beautiful purple glass. Drink in the energy of the colour as well as the coolness of the water. Take your time and just enjoy the moment of gifting yourself a time out and a nutrition cleanse all at the same time.
    2. Go for a short walk. Be aware of each step you take, breathe slowly, walk like you have no where else to be except in this very moment. Be grateful in the fact that you are able to take yourself for a walk. Give thanks to the Universe just because you can. (if very stressy, maybe try a long one if short doesn’t quite cut it).
    3. Hug your favorite pet. Pets are unconditional, loving, supportive and great listeners. If you don’t have a pet visualize hugging my puppy Dakota-J instead.
      (he just loooooves hugs!)

    4. Take time out and watch a favourite movie or tv show. (read my last post ‘my fav top 10 Spiritual Films‘ if you would like a lovely ‘time out’ with meaning). 
    5. Give yourself permission to love yourself. Time the first 2 mins of waking-up time to wrap your arms around yourself in a big bear hug and say “I Love You”. You’ll be surprised how well your day goes when you do that little ritual. Give to yourself ‘first’ then unto others.

So my dear sweet soul, breathe in, breathe out and know that you are doing ‘you’ brilliantly.

And once you know better, you do better.


Nicole Suzanne Brown is the CEO and Editor of Spiritual Wisdom Magazine as well as the bestselling author of Passing through Time (conversations with the other side).

Author, Crystal Candle Maker & lifelong friend of the Avocado.

You can read more of Nicole’s writing HERE

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  1. nicole July 19, 2013 at 10:27 am - 

    You are very very welcome Jan and I hope your week got better and positivity flowed to you 🙂
    *squishy hugs*

  2. Jan July 12, 2013 at 12:00 pm - 

    Thank you I have been in a bad emotional way for the past few months, and I have just come across your article, and I truly believe Spirit is giving a a message as three people today have reminded me to just breath deeply

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