Don’t forget to ask your Angels

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Don’t forget to ask…Your Angels.

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Hello Everyone,

The other day I was feeling extremely emotional because of the dreaded “Time of the Month” and usually what goes through my mind is not very uplifting. I tend to beat myself up on top of it because I am “spiritual”. I chose the spiritual path. I am a damn spiritual consultant! So, in my head I am supposed to walk my talk every single moment of my life…Many of you can probably relate to this. So you understand that when negativity invites itself, guilt and frustration quickly follow…

But the one great thing that happens with spirituality is that you learn to pick yourself up faster. The whole “I’m sorry for myself” thing doesn’t last long. So I decided to turn to Angels. I picked up my Angel Card decks (thank you Doreen Virtue!!!) and simply asked for help. My usual way of doing it is with my pendulum and Spiritual Response Therapy (for more info about SRT, check out our Website). This mind-blowing spiritual technique allows us to connect to our High Self but also to Guardian Angels, Angels of Light and Guides in order to receive their loving messages (and much more).

But this time, I wanted to simply use my intuition. No pendulum. Just me and them Angels! This is actually a goal of mine: to develop my intuition and psychic abilities. We all have them inside of us. You just need to practice, like meditation or working out.

And yesterday, it happened: among the three Angel Card decks I own, I knew my message (1 card only) was in the Archangel deck and without doubt or hesitation I picked THE card and a miracle happened!

“You are extra-sensitive to energies and emotions right now.

Honor yourself and your feelings”.

In other words, accept how you feel for the time being, stop resisting. Stop beating yourself up. Beautiful Haniel was there with her soothing message. Right on the spot! 

Doreen Virtue says that a prayer turns negativity into light and shifts our mindset. So I prayed. I asked Haniel to help me embrace the way I felt. And guess what? The magic happened again. I started feeling instantly lighter, the dark thoughts receding alongside my headache. I was myself again.

This was definitely one of those AHA moments, that can actually happen every day if we learn to cultivate our intuition, and most importantly get out of our own way! Intuition is our birthright. We only need to remember that we are spiritual beings wearing Earth suits. We simply have to ask…

Love and light


Transcendence2Sandy and Marco Contreras Boyer are Spiritual Response Therapy consultants. When they came across this powerful healing technique, it was first as clients. After they noticed significant changes in their own lives, they decided to become practitioners themselves to reach out to people and contribute to the greater good.

You can learn more about what SRT can do for you at,


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