Do you feel like you’re living life on a merry-go-round & every day’s a struggle?

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are you goals big enough

Do you feel like you’re living life on a merry-go-round & 
every day’s a struggle?

You may find that your goals just may not be big enough!

written by CEO & Editor Nicole Suzanne Brown

Let’s face it.

We’ve all read the ‘how to get rich, just by being you’ books. ‘If you build it, they will come’ is pride and place on your visualisation board (or in my case, fridge), and you’ve fully embraced the ‘attitude of gratitude’ so enthusiastically that your starting to scare the dog.

But you’re not getting anywhere.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You’ve visualised wealth, health and happiness every single day for months.
  • You’ve made so many visualisation boards over the years the glue stick has you seeing vapour trails.
  • You’ve Om’d , Meditated, giving away ego and almost given up sanity.

Yet, nothing has changed. It’s still not working for you.

I know completely what you are going through.

For years I talked, walked, ate and slept positivity. At the age of 21 I quit my job, bought a plane ticket and was living in an Indian Ashram for 3 weeks. I was a business partner of a highly successful Spiritual Bookstore, back when ‘success & spiritual’ where never spoken in the same sentence.

By the time I reached 35 I had lived for years in Long Island, New York and months in the United Kingdom.


Back then, I never struggled with getting what I wanted i.e. travel to another country,  running a business, yet seemed to when it came to the basics of what ‘society’ said I needed. Kids. House. Car. ‘Normal’ Job.

I would marvel at friends that seemed completely happy, living the life that was accepted as ‘successful’, yet gravitated to the nomad lifestyle, with a deep desire to learn from others, other cultures, other ‘tribes’.

In the last six years I decided to be ‘normal’, and found that I truly embraced the energy of lack, struggle, isolation, resentment and stagnation.

14801364_sWhy was it so hard for me to achieve the goals of kids, house, ‘normal’ job,  when jet-setting around the word in my early twenties was a breeze?

My focus had changed.

No longer was I primarily focused on the ‘experience’ i.e. focusing on the feelings of what I will achieve when living the goals, but now was fully focused on the ‘getting’ of an object.

paperbackbookstandingIn my latest book, Passing through Time’ (conversations with the other side), I asked my Brother Jay,  just why some people struggle while others seem to just sail right through life unscathed.

“…Jay, why do some people have a lot of riches and others like myself struggle almost daily?

Because it’s where your perspectives lie Nicole. People who have riches and wealth do so for themselves. We are all born the same. We come into this world with nothing materialistic at all.

Now it’s true that some are ‘born into’ money, but please don’t think that they have it made. Most of the time those people struggle all their lives to establish their own identity, their own individualism. It can be the most imprisoned life a person could ever live – if they allow it.

But let’s talk about you as an example.

You have been affirming for years that you will have ‘more money then you will ever need’.


…but don’t you find you always have? When bills have come in haven’t you always been able to draw money to you with a little left over?

but that’s not what I meant when affirming.

But that’s exactly what your actions have stated. You affirm to yourself that statement yet you don’t visualize what you are affirming and your actions don’t back their plan up either.

Ok. Let’s put it in simpler terms. What are you going to do with your riches?

Give some to Mum and Dad, pay off debt, go on holidays, buy fancy car, give to charity, buy a house where family and friends can live, buy friends’ houses, set some up in their own business.

So why wouldn’t the Universe just cut out the middle man and give it straight to them?


You state you’re going to give to charity, give to family, give to friends – but what are you giving to yourself Nicole?

house, holiday, car, pay off debts.

Well that can all be done with four hundred thousand dollars. So with your affirmation of ‘more money than I will ever need’ that is exactly what you are getting.

If you got a windfall of money – in your current mindset you will be the poorest rich girl in 6 months. The Universe is just cutting out the middle man – you – and giving it directly to those you are affirming about because they have something that you currently don’t.



Remember. The Universe helps those that help themselves.

This is not a cruel law. It is a Universal Law. Simpler terms. In nature if you were a lion you would starve to death within days because you would continue to ‘feed’ the family and friends first and just be grateful for any scraps.

Get selfish Nicole. Affirm that you are getting the money because you are worth it, you deserve it, and it’s in your Universal plan to receive it. Once you have the money, then give it to yourself. Do what makes you happy first.

what if giving it to family and friends makes me happy?

Well if that was the case Nicole, you would be ecstatically happy right now instead of stressing about how to pay your bills.

You’re still in the mindset that if you give to others you will be liked and loved and looked after, thought of as a nice person etc. But money has absolutely nothing to do with what people think of you. DO you hang out with your friends because of their bank balance?

I have no idea what they have in the bank.

Exactly! You hang out with them because when you’re with them you feel good about yourself – you literally at times feel ‘like a million dollars’ don’t you? Is it because of what they have spent on you? No. It’s because the greatest most precious gift you could give someone is the energy to allow them to be themselves without judgment or ridicule. Knowledge and love. The greatest Universal gifts of all. And when you give to someone those gifts, it is priceless.

So start affirming to the Universe that you are getting this money for yourself because you deserve it. You’re worth it. And spoil yourself when you get it. Don’t ever think people will be jealous or try to rip you off (because of course, affirm that enough times and it will happen).

Affirm to the Universe that your friends and family will be happy for you. That they will then see and say ‘if she can do it I can too’.

When you’re affirming this with every breath, when your actions are living this, when your mindset is unwavering, then and only then will you receive the windfall you are thinking of”.

In receiving those answers I sat back and really contemplated on my navel and realisation hit me like a bolt of lightning.

Here is a list of goals that I have been focusing on for years, and the intuitive answers that followed.

  • I am living in a beautiful house.
    – you already are. The house where you are living in ‘right now’ ticks every box in the need and want list. You are safe, nurtured, protected.
  • I am driving a beautiful safe car.
    – you already are. The car(s) you are driving in are no older than five years old, and completely owned by your family.
  • I am in a loving relationship.
    – you already are. Your Mum & Dad, friends, honour you every day with love, protection and support. You are always looked after, listened to, challenged and loved.

And this was the kicker

  • I am financially abundant.
    – you already are. Your finances match your goals.


reinventing goals

Now it’s your turn to ask yourself these questions:

  1. How do I feel about the current goals I have set for myself?
  2. Are these really MY goals?
  3. What am I going to do AFTER I achieve these goals?

Whenever I asked myself the last question I became stumped and automatically the feelings of boredom rushed in.

Grab yourself a pen and paper and write down 5 of your current goals. (If you’re stuck writing just 5 – THAT’S a link to why you’re not achieving the life you want).

Now, after writing those down, go back to each one and write the EMOTION you WILL feel when you’re living those goals.

I’ll do it with you with the goals that I have already spoken about, but with the energy and emotion I want to obtain.

  1. I am living in a beautiful home at a seaside location, surrounded by a community of loving spiritual people.
  2. I am driving a beautiful car that fits my personal AND business needs perfectly.
  3. I am in a loving relationship with MYSELF. I nurture, challenge, love, protect myself with dignity, grace and humour.
  4. I am an integral part of a spiritual community that nurtures my independence, intuitiveness and faith in paying it forward.
  5. I am the creator, editor and facilitator of Australia’s #1 Spiritual Magazine which nurtures, inspires, embraces and shares knowledge and wealth to those in need.

In re-writing and re-affirming your goals to fully embrace the emotional need, that which will connect you to the Universal Source your life changes rapidly. It cannot help do. Like attracts like.


Go back to your goals several times over the course of this month and connect with the flow of energy that you have already created.
If one feels ‘out of whack’, change it up until you feel excited about the changes that are happening.

Let go of those merry-go-round handlebars, lift your arms high and celebrate the journey.

I wish you the best of the best success both personally and professionally.

Tomorrow: Nurturing yourself through the tough times.



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