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Feed Your Chi
– energetically speaking –
written by Brooke Hart

mindblownLately, I’ve been hearing a lot about food and what it does to our body.  From chemicals to basic care for animals and plants have all been subject by many who are concerned about their health.  It is obvious that there should always be a concern for health when it comes to what we put in our body.  However, it’s not just our body that is impacted by the food we eat.  It’s also our life force and energetic.

Our body is an intricate system that is sensitive physically, emotionally, mentally and at a soul level.  It requires certain balances in the body to work effectively and to hold life force, or chi, in our system.  The life force circulates in specific ways and allows us to rejuvenate and balance on a daily basis.  Without this balance, we may start to feel different emotions that may not have been as natural. 

The life force has been trained by our bodies to receive energy through food.  Yes, there are marginalized individuals and groups that only drink water or completely shut down their digestive system.  However, for the majority of society, it is the food that revitalizes and balances our life force. 

Food Equates Energy

Often, we fall into the expert suggestion of a specific diet or approach to food.  However, we all have a different chi or life force.  Maybe you have seen certain foods work for some and not for others.  This is because our energetics are uniquely programmed for us to feed our life force in specific ways.  When we follow this, we have more energy and remain balanced.  If not, we may become tired and our body becomes imbalanced, leading to difficulties that may seem small but may build up.

The food that we eat is connected to specific chakra centers in our body and energetic field.  The process of eating is mirrored with your energy for your needs.  The fifth chakra (throat) begins this process by determining what energetic you should take.  However, it is the second and third chakra that digests the food and turns it into life force energy.  The digestive system begins with the third chakra, or the power center, which filters the chi into a circulation of the body.  The second chakra furthers the filter by removing certain components of the energy that isn’t required.  While your physical body is working through the process of food dynamics, so is your energetic field.

Bringing Your Diet into Balance

Conscious eating, as opposed to following the latest diet, can change everything with your energetics.  Change your perspective. Instead of thinking about being hungry, think about your life force. Tune into your chi and decide what is needed from there. You will find that a very different diet will show up.  Often, you may feel malnutritioned with certain foods that you may have not fed for your chi.  You may also find a different eating schedule is required to feed your chi and energy field.

More importantly, tune into the process of the food and how it got onto your plate.  Was the process of the meat or the rice that you are eating positive with preparation and how it got onto your plate?  If not, the same energetic is being carried and you are processing it straight into your energy field.  There are many times where I go to a store and look at a dish.  The energy just doesn’t feel right because it has gone through a certain process even with the preparation.  It doesn’t fit with what I need.  I can go back to the store at a completely different time and the dish is perfect for my needs.  The more you know about the food, such as the life it had, the way it was prepared and the current energetic, the more you will be able to feed your chi. 

If you tune into your life force more and listen to what it needs, then you will find that your diet completely begins to flip.  All of a sudden, the chocolate you had no longer satisfies your hunger.  Spices, herbs and even a different approach to what you eat will begin to process.  You may also find that one day the perfect dish helps with your life force while the next day it creates a sense of lack.  Tuning into this can help you to find needed solutions.  Every food has a vibration that links to your energy vibration.  Practicing a tune in to your life force alone can create the perfect balance for you.  So the next time you open your refrigerator and are debating about what to make, first think of chi.

Be beautiful. 

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Brooke Hart is executive director, entrepreneur and shamanic healer at the Omatrix Center.  She specializes in energetic healing and medicine as well as empowerment programs and spiritual teachings that allow one to find their soul purpose at this time.  She holds a vision that every individual can become empowered and into their true self through healing and with tools, such as technology, that assist them in their soul evolution and development.  Her work expands into shamanic practices, energy healing and women’s empowerment.  She also works within the business realm with Internet Marketing, strategic development and technological solutions.  Her desire is to provide a gateway from Heaven to Earth, where spiritual practices are a foundation in every area of our lives.  She is currently the author of the books, The Science and Spirit of Energy Medicine and The Power of Awakening, and is the composer of the CD, Whispers of Light.  

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