New Energy for the week + New Book Reveal!

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Hey Fellow squishies!!

Hope you are all awesome! I’ve been trundling along with a flare up of Chronic Fatigue this past week *pokes immune system* BUT alas I am soldiering on as awesome as I can be.

Lots of channeling/writing/creativity ALWAYS accompanies C.F (my folks think it’s because it’s the only time The Universe can sit me down and make me listen LOL) and I have two new ebooks coming out in the next 3 months.. as well as a re-publishing of my first fiction!

This week we will come to understand The Universes’ plan when it comes to our emotional link to money and finances. Breathe through it. Thank it. Embrace it and Celebrate in that emotion! It is the PERFECT time to consolidate any residual debt (be it physical or emotional).

I wish you all the best of the best success both personally and professionally!
I’ll leave you with a sneak peak of one of the books I’m working on:


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