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               written by Linda Baird

By understanding that human being’ are energy, we may begin to view new ways to healing our mind, body and spirit.
Accepting that is it our bodies nature to move towards healing, and by nurturing our mind with positive thoughts of health and wholeness we can change our energy field.

“What are Chakra’s?”

chakrasChakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as “a spinning disk” or a wheel.” It is one of many human names for what is perceived to be a bio-physical connection to our soul or spirit.  Chakras are part of the subtle anatomy. There two aspects of the chakra system, the mental and emotional and the physical aspects. The seven major chakras align from the crown of the head to the base of the spine and connect to various endocrine glands.  Each major chakra is directly associated with various aspects of the body. The chakras control the physical functioning of the body, by directing energy distribution, but also determine the emotional wellbeing of a person.  When we have unresolved emotional stress in our lives the emotional stress registers in the related chakra and then extends to the physical body. The way a person thinks about themselves and the world they live determines the emotional response that they will have in any given situation including perceptions, beliefs and all emotions and feelings. Thoughts and emotions connected with the specific chakra will make the chakra become closed, distorted, congested, underactive or overactive depending on the emotional stress in one life. If one chakra is out of balance, you take the energy from another chakra, to compensate for the one that is no longer working properly. They are connected to the endocrine system and physiological system. RED (Base) governs the adrenal. ORANGE (Sacral) governs the Gonads.  YELLOW (Solar plexus) governs the Pancreas.   GREEN governs the Thymus.   BLUE (Throat) governs the Thyroid.   INDIGO (Third Eye) governs the Pituitary and VIOLET (Crown) governs the Pineal.

Sanuye can offer the following therapies and here I explain the differences and also how they complement each other.

Vibrational Medicine –Chakra Balancing.

Is a very beautiful gift from spirit.  I work with my healing guide who does the healing I am the instrument he use’s with my permission my guide controls at what level the client can receive the healing energy and channels healing through my body and out into my hands, which I pass onto the client. I am also given the ability to communicate to the higher realms, and  to use my clairvoyant sight this enable me to see the condition of the chakras; I can see holes, discoloration, blown out chakras, distortion, congestion, colour blending and chakras that are blocked (not working). I see the energy blocks and the emotional stress attached to the specific chakra. I help to restore and preserve emotional and spiritual health by re-establishing the body’s natural balance. Chakra balancing works on the energy centres to cleanse, restore, and protect the body’s natural flow of energy and transforming negative beliefs patterns into new realities. It opens the door to heal the physical body. Healing can be accomplished by moving energy. I also work with the kundalini energy which is sealed within the base chakra. This treatment is for 1 hour with client’s sitting on a stool and both feet are planted on the ground. The body moves as the realignment occurs as the chakras run along the spinal column and the body naturally realigns. Crystals and affirmations are used as crystal’s emanates a unique healing vibration, which aids in unblocking the chakras, and affirmation aid in restoring negative beliefs, at this time it not unusual for guidance to come from spirit.

healingVibrational Medicine is a very powerful healing but gentle in its action. The aim is to find and restore balance and wholeness in a person to restore one to a healthy and spiritual state. When you relieve emotional stress and shift your thoughts for the better, you feel mentally happier and your body cells will also benefit.

Usui Reiki: Energy enters through the crown chakra.
The word is universal or spiritual (Rei) – Life force or energy (Ki).  Life force flows within the physical body though pathways called chakras, meridians and nadis.  Life force nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions. When this flow of life force is disrupted, it may cause diminished function in one or more of the organs and tissues of the physical body. The life force is responsive to thoughts and feelings. It becomes disrupted when we accept, either consciously or unconsciously, negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves. These negative thoughts and feelings attach themselves to the energy field and cause a disruption in the flow of life force. , Reiki is conducted in the way of using life force energy it heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field first and charging them with positive energy it raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body this supports the negative energy to break apart and fall away allowing the life force to flow in natural way. A system of energy healing from Japan using methods transmitted to and received by Mikao Usui. I have received attunements, a direct transmission of the ability to channel Reiki and the clearing of energy blocks to that ability guided my Reiki Master/teacher. The attunements open the palm chakras and energy channels and connect to the specific Reiki healing.  This treatment is for one hour with the client lying down by placing hands on or near the recipient and I runs Reiki Energy.  Reiki flows through me but is not generated by me.  Reiki releases blocked energy, promotes relaxation and reduces stress.  Reiki goes wherever needed in the body and aura.

nature healingCeltic Reiki:  Celtic Reiki is a relatively new form of Reiki is connected to nature. A variation of Usui Reiki it utilizes the energy flows present on Earth and specific living organisms.

Reiki practitioners make use of Universal Life energy present in every living things in the world and also the natural forms of energy, was discovered by Martyn Pentecost, a Reiki master/teacher.
He was guided to work with nature when channeling Reiki to help fallen trees, animals, plants, rivers, lakes, and the ocean and mother earth. He felt the essence of the elements, its knowledge, its energy, its wisdom and its love.

When he was channeling Reiki to a fallen Silver Fir tree, he felt resistance and asked his guides to help, he felt a new vibration enter his body In order to remember the energy of the tree he gave it a symbol.

The symbol would be a way of triggering this energy; he turned to the wisdom of the Celtic people and  he then went on to work with other trees and plants and assign symbols to them using the Ogham alphabet.


celtic reiki symbolsCeltic Reiki is channeled up through the base Chakra.  Similar to Usui Reiki a Celtic Reiki Master passes on the ability to the student through attunements at various levels are open up to natural energies, like plant and three energies,  Celtic Reiki can be used to heal, and in conjunction with a wish book or crystal grid. But has many additional uses one of those being manifestation; it can be used to manifest a desired goal.

The Celt’s where known for their energetic powers of healing, manifestation and deep connection with the natural environment. This treatment is for an hour and involves placing the hands on or near various strategic locations and sequences, which elicit a deep relaxation form.  All these therapies can be used on children, adults, animals, mother earth and healing of world events.

linda baird

Linda Baird’s aim is to find and restore balance and wholeness in a person to restore one to a healthy and spiritual state. Her goal is to help you find and maintain this balance through offering a wide range of therapies.

Her website Sanuye is dedicated to providing therapies that help improve the emotional, psychological and physical well being of the person including counselling, drawing on a range of theories depending on your needs, individual, relationship counselling, grief and loss, stress management, teens/young adults issues and workplace concerns.  She also

offers Reiki, Celtic Reiki, Vibrational Medicine – Chakra balancing, and Australian Bush Flower Essences.  Linda is a highly qualified counsellor, and complimentary therapist, committed professional, who can help to work with your needs in a private, relaxed and comfortable environment. She is registered with recognised professional associations and are profiled on her website.

Linda also uses Australian Bush Flower’s Essence. Flower essences come under the umbrella of vibrational medicine and is a powerful way to bring balance to the chakras.
All therapies offered by Sanuye are not a substitute for medical treatment or a diagnostic system.

The Chakra Healing Goddess meditation is a 30 minute long audio MP3, that guides you on a beautiful journey to cleanse your chakras, heal and feel all gorgeously light and shiny.

The Chakra Healing Goddess meditation is a 30 minute long audio MP3, that guides you on a beautiful journey to cleanse your chakras, heal and feel all gorgeously light and shiny.


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