The energetic power of sexuality

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The Energetic Power of Sexuality
written by Brooke Hart

Transformation ins LichtThose in the field of energy medicine speak much more about the crown chakra and third eye.  It is a connection to the soul and higher ways of seeing.  However, just as powerful and pertinent is the root chakra and second chakra, where one holds their sexual power and relationship to sexuality.  Our bodies are driven and guided by the sexual power and the outcomes that it brings.  Balancing this chakra is essential to physical health, relationships, wealth and energetic movement of emotions.  A healthy movement of sexual energy develops a stronger sense of relationship to the self and others in the dance of life.

The Movement of Energy

We pull in energy from different angles.  Some is a direct inspiration, or in – spirit, coming into the crown chakra.  We also pull energy from the root or ground of our being.  The Kundalini, or cosmic forces, spirals from this area.  It can move in a negative or positive spiral and often becomes a driving factor in decisions we make and act upon in the physical realm.  This Kundalini power is also an inspiration, often linked to our emotions, sexuality and the rooted physical realm.

The triggers in the root and second chakra from the Kundalini energy inspire the energy of sexual movement.  It is the main staple for survival mechanisms, such as physical comfort and relationships to money.  It triggers the outcomes of our relationships to both men and women in every realm.  If the energy is spiraling in a negative way, then anger, corruption, depression and other forms show up.  This is because the energy either spirals too far, creating the anger and erratic movements or it represses, leading to the depressed or instable movements. 

The movement of energy on an individual basis with this particular field of energetic force changes your perception of being to others.  You may perceive money as “evil” or as a survival mechanism.  You may perceive sexuality in a way that is repressed or that is aggressive.  These are imbalances of the Kundalini energy coming from the root chakra when the energy is warped, mis – aligned or blocked.  It breaks through these areas instantaneously, leading to the action and emotion that arises as a result.

Root Energy and Relationships

If you look at your relationships and sexuality, you will find that these imbalances of sexual power may show up.  The study of tantra and sexual practices is the balance of this energy, specifically for energetic exchanges that are more fruitful and balanced.  While tantra has been given a taboo name, it is simply the study of energetic exchange between two forces.  The force is the Kundalini interchange that spirals in between two individuals.  When this is balanced, it creates a Divine connection.

The root energy and power of relationships in sexuality can become unhealthy, much of which we see in psychology.  Co – dependence, the dance between two individuals and the complexities of sexual relationships are all based on the imbalances of the Kundalini exchange between two individuals.  Instead of creating a Divine interplay, it creates a push – pull game with the force.  If there is an imbalance through repressed sexual energy during the act, or if there is too much force during sexuality, it mis – aligns the energy and builds more blocks of repression to an individual.

There is a simplistic link with men and / or women and sexual frustration.  Sexual harassment, abuse and other darker forms of sexual interplay come from the negative spiral of Kundalini and the imbalance of exchange.  It creates a negative burst of energy that is forced onto another individual.  At the same time, some may act with this sexual energy becoming a repressed force, leading to cover ups and shut – down of the practice of sexuality.  Both become imbalanced forms of the expression of sexual energetics.

Bringing Sexuality Back Into Balance

Whether your sexuality is reflecting in an imbalance of emotions, repression or frustration, there are ways to bring it back to balance.  Moving through energetics of your sexuality allows it to become balanced and into a Divine connection.  You can bring back balance and alignment the Kundalini power while allowing it to move through your energy channels continuously.  When your Kundalini energy is maneuvering in a positive spiral, it offers peak energy, positive responses and a balanced reaction to situations.  You are able to move through emotions and have healthy and balanced relationships to people, money and your self.

You can unleash sexual blocks in many ways.  Deep breathing through the diaphragm is a simplistic way to get rid of emotional blocks. It is also possible to use Kundalini Yoga to awaken a positive energy.  The more that you can let the energetic rise with a positive and meditative energy, the more balanced your sexuality will become.  Simple movements, such as forward bends, frog pose and even butterfly are designed to balance and bring up the Kundalini energy and force that balances sexuality.

The complexity of sexuality, survival, relationships, wealth and physical health start from the same energetic source.  When it is out of balance, it creates repression, lack, aggression or emotional frustration.  This is a negative spiral of the Kundalini energy.  Changing this into balance, releasing blocks and moving back into alignment from the root center and up also offers a Divine connection with the power of sexuality.

Be beautiful.

Bringing Your Body to It’s Peak

Your body has the ability to do amazing things.  It is able to turn into a pretzel, fly in the air for very short periods of time or simply be still.  However, it also needs a special amount of attention and care to function at it’s best.  Learning how to listen closely to the energy that is around your body can also help you to keep your body at peak levels.

What the Pain Is For

Western medicine has also created interesting patterns and habits in relation to our body.  When we have aches or pains, we think instantly that we should take medicine or make the pain go away.  A little or a lot of discomfort also leads to a trigger to change the process that our body is going through.  However, the pain is for a reason and can be leveraged in a very different way. 

The aches and pains that your body feels start out at an energetic level then begin to puncture into your body.  The more sensitive you become to the energy and to the pain, the easier it is to fight off.  You can offer your self healing and continuous care by simply listening to what is going on in your body then manoeuvring in a slightly different way for your body to care for itself.  For instance, if your back hurts, look at how you are sitting or standing.  Stretching or moving the opposite way may be all that it needs to adjust and bring it back into proportion.

Where the Aching Starts

There are very different types of aches and pains that your body is responding to.  For instance, if you have been in a repressed position for a long time, such as at a desk or folded position, then you are also creating an energetic block.  This stops the flow of energy from moving in or out of your body and energy field.  Reversing the block with movement stops the pain and aching and helps with basic maintenance of your body.  If you continue to stay in the same position for extended periods of time, then the blocks build and stay, eventually moving into chronic conditions.

Mis – alignment, being out of proportion or energetics not moving continuously through channel flows also creates aches and pains.  If you are moving your body in a way that is not comfortable, it can mis – align, puncture or alter the channel flow.  The most common is when it moves from a positive to negative spiral.  However, there are many ways that your energetics can warp.  Pain that feels like an ache or twists something in your body is usually linked to some type of warped or mis – aligned energy.

Body Maintenance

You are at your best when you listen to your body first.  This allows you to also listen to your energy.  If there is pain or aching, then adjust by doing the opposite.  Techniques with stretching, Yoga, movement and altering your position and movement all allow you to maintain your body continuously.  You will find that when you do this, you will remain at peak states of energy and will have the ability to combat against aches, pain, becoming tired or anxious and emotions that exhilarate your position instead of keeping it balanced.

There are specific Yoga techniques that are known to shift your energetics.  For instance, camel pose, plow pose or even a simple forward bend unblocks energy in your first and second chakra.  When you do this, it creates a stronger flow of creativity and a balance in your personal and group relationships.  Breathing techniques release stress and can stop your neck and shoulders from hurting.  The sun salutation can be used to release anxiety and stress that moves up and down from the cerebral spine.

These are some of the many positions that are used for body maintenance.  A technique introduced by the Omatrix, known as Super Yoga, is one of the ways that you can offer your body continuous maintenance.  Whether you are working in extreme sports or at the desk, you will be able to find approaches to assist with eliminating pain and aches, as well as conditions that lead to stress and anxiety.

Your body maintenance begins with recognising energy that is not balanced in its various forms.  Doing the opposite to counteract this allows you to stay healthy and to gain wealth from the inside out.

Be beautiful.

brooke headshotBrooke Hart is the executive director, entrepreneur and shamanic healer at the Omatrix Center.  She specializes in energetic healing and medicine as well as empowerment programs and spiritual teachings that allow one to find their soul purpose at this time.  She holds a vision that every individual can become empowered and into their true self through healing and with tools, such as technology, that assist them in their soul evolution and development.  Her work expands into shamanic practices, energy healing and women’s empowerment.  She also works within the business realm with Internet Marketing, strategic development and technological solutions.  Her desire is to provide a gateway from Heaven to Earth, where spiritual practices are a foundation in every area of our lives.  She is currently the author of the books, The Science and Spirit of Energy Medicine and The Power of Awakening, and is the composer of the CD, Whispers of Light.  

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