Digging in the Deep: A Retrospective

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Switchboard to the Stars
with Madeleine St.Jacques

“Digging in the Deep: A Pisces Super Moon Retrospective”

We’ve all been through quite a bit over the past 6 weeks – individually and collectively.

Chances are, even if you had a heads up about what was coming down the pike, the depth and intensity of your transformation caught you by surprise.

One of the coolest things about what I do is being able to look back at the artwork and the codes that came through and see the shifts happening…see the patterns emerging…such a neat perspective!

So now as I personally take a breath, regrouping and recalibrating from a major upgrade, it’s so cool to see a gateway to all of the changes that were to come. When I meditate on the piece below, which was created during the time of the Pisces Super Moon (September 8, 2014), I can see and feel that Universal pot beginning to stir…

9-8-14codeskind of like the sequence of events that happens when you shake a snow globe. When you first start to shake it, the snow starts to come loose and float up to the surface, just as our ‘stuff’ to be released or transformed starts floating to the surface of our awareness. At times it can even feel like we’re in the midst of the spin ourselves – right in the middle of the globe — watching the stuff swirl around us. It can be disorienting at first and can feel like we’re at the mercy of the energies – pinging around like we’re in some cosmic pinball machine.

We have a choice to make in these moments…and I think it’s important to look at how we respond to the events that unfold. Do you become the spin? Or do you settle in, dig deep into trust, and be willing to let go? There’s a spectrum of possibilities in terms of what each of us might experience.

Perhaps we didn’t know it at the time, but this last 6 weeks was one for the record books – unprecedented transformation – unprecedented. You really had to be willing to let go and let your soul do the driving – allowing it to take you in the direction of your highest good; even when that means letting go of the people, places, and things you thought were true for you. That’s a real humbler right there. Those moments when you realize there’s still more work to be done.

Did you have an ‘a-ha!’ {or an ‘oh shit!’} moment over the past 6 weeks?

Share in the comments below!

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madeleine new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a Parenting Coach and Educator helping individuals and families create success, harmony, and peace in their lives. She is also an artist, writer, and Certified Human Design Specialist.

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your evolutionary growth & development; or create a customized stress-busting tool kit, she’s got just the thing. You determine the topics and you set the pace.

Madeleine’s passion is connecting you with practical, innovative resources & strategies that work. Tools that give you the inspiration and confidence you need to successfully shift the way you work, parent, and relate to your family, friends (and yourself!).

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  1. NickiB October 30, 2014 at 8:05 am - 

    Wow!!! Love this blog post Madeleine!
    Looking back I DEFINATELY had an A-Ha moment (or 4)… It DEFINATELY shifted me into a place where I could shake off what I was holding on to and embrace the new energy with fun and excitement.

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