De-Constructed Planning – your path to wealth with ease

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De-Constructed Planning
Your Pathway to Wealth with Ease
♥©♥ 2014 Jan-Marie Brooke

The quality of the answers you seek, …
… is in the quality of the questions you ask.

In 2007 as the GFC (global financial crisis) began its onslaught onto the global economy, many questions were asked and more than likely very few acceptable answers came forth. It was after I had sold and purchased two properties within 12 months and found my finances stretched that I sat back and reviewed my decisions, my experiences and the outcomes of those decisions of the past year and how to move forward I posed a question to the Universe, “Was I ‘on-track’ when I believed it was about being In-Grace and non-attached to money?”… I see you all shaking your heads in agreement …so you can image my surprise and shock when I heard the answer.

“You are so far, far, far off-track it is not funny!!”

To say I was in shock was an under-statement. I had been doing deep transformation healing on myself, for the past 25+ years … and frankly it had taken a lot of guts to even pose this question because in the back of my mind I was scared that it was true … and that the limited financial resources was my lot … and my life’s path was simply to be in-gratitude and in-grace about it.

This was a powerful time where most entrepreneurs believed anyone could be successful and wealthy – it was all in the mindset. I also believed that all I had to do was believe, transform what was blocking wealth and success and I would achieve it … and here I was being told I was off track – not a little off track but way of track. I sat there for several minutes wondering how did I get it so wrong, did that mean all the teachings I had taught, all the books I had written, were wrong? I felt in those few minutes that I had experienced something a kin to a near-death experience. My mouth was on the floor, I was in shock and numb. This was a huge moment for me because I am the eternal optimist who believes I can do anything if I set my mind to it and I was now finding out I had it all wrong.

Well after what seamed a life-time I picked my mouth up from the floor and started to breath again … and thought okay – if I am that wrong, what is the right answer. Remember it is all about the quality of the questions you ask.

I took a deep breath and asked … and the book ‘Activate your Creative Spirit’ … and Unlock the ‘CODE’ that starts the flow of money with Ease … came forth as a result of that question.

However for in the beginning it had a different tag line … and Transform your Life, Business and Wealth in 21 days. This tag line challenged me. I didn’t feel I could substantiate it such a bold claim. Therefore I posed another question to the Universe … and a 21-day eCourse came through. I then realised the tag line was for the 21-day eCourse.

De-Constructed Planning may seem a very strange title for an article or book, it is however all about NOT planning … deconstructing most of what we have learnt about business and marketing.

For the past several years we have been prepared for what is about to go viral … and that is, we can no longer do business in the ways we have in the past. No longer will the old ways of marketing have its original power. No longer will ‘forcing outcomes’ have the same results. No longer will ‘I win – you lose’ going to have the same outcomes. In fact anything other than what we have been prepared for these past few years is going to work effectively. We have crossed the line.

We need to De-construct our planning. We are about to embark on a very interesting journey when it comes to business and wealth. Are you ready?

In marketing the first thing they will tell you to do is identify your Target Market. In other words you need to work out who are you marketing to. To be honest every time someone said this to me I would feel uncomfortable, overwhelmed. As the years went by, this question would make me feel physically ill. I wanted to run away screaming No! No! No!. I now recognise that when I get that type of strong reaction, it is my ‘bodies intelligence’ screaming at me that I am on the wrong track.

When ‘Activate your Creative Spirit’ first came into being … I was told I would market this in a way that has never been marketed before. Great I thought if it hasn’t been done before and I have no idea what it is, how am I going to market it? Over the years it has been clear that for whatever reason, my thinking has been way ahead of what is currently accepted in the market place. And so it has been with this book. When I wrote it I expected it to hit the market place as soon as it was finished … that was not to be. Why? Because it was going to be marketed in a way that had not been thought of yet. It is about ‘De-Constructed Planning’

This is an some excerpts (snipets) from a channelled message in the book ‘Activate your Creative Spirit’
‘When you are attached or non-attached to money you are locked into the cycles of poverty and wealth.
Release yourself from the woes that the need for money or wealth creates … as you allow the creative force to be with you in every waking moment you open to higher dimensions of love, grace and joy.
Please understand you need do no other thing. It is not about goals, it is not about affirmations it is not about doing what is right and correct, it is about love, joy, excitement and passion for life.
Allow the gifts of creation to permeate you. Let go, let go of the need to plan, to do what others before you, have done..

As far back as 2008 I was getting the message, that the key was NOT planning, to think outside the box, to go back to my joy and innocence I experienced as a child, to capture the essence of who I was as a creative force … and yet that space of creativity, joy and flow was illusive for me at that time. We have been under some very strong influences of the planet Saturn. 2007 onwards it was in Libra (my sun sign) for 3.5 years and then in Scorpio till Dec 2014. Both very challenging aspects for so many.
Saturn is about limitations, restrictions, lack – the hard taskmaster and usually affects the flow of money. Saturn has now moved into Sagittarius the Higher Mind – the quest for spirituality, authenticity, expansion etc, and so now we are ready to embrace de-constructing any planning around business and wealth. It is time to say NO anything that is hard, to anything that creates lack and limitations, especially around money.

It is time to say YES … it is now time for us all to ‘Activate our Creative Spirit’ … to come out of the closet and begin to play, to jump up and down in the sea, to be creative and to have fun … and whilst we are having light-hearted fun … magic begins to unfold in surprising ways.

We can no longer do business in the ways we have in the past. The line has been crossed and we have now entered the ‘New Energy of Creation’. The new ‘Divine Heart Charka’ has been activated (this is an entirely new Earth Chakra.) This one is ALL about business de-constructing on all levels of consciousness and re-emerging from the heart and authenticity. Those who cling to the old ways will be challenged – what are you choosing?

JAN-MARIE BROOKEJan-Marie is the author of seven books including the provocative Activate your Creative Spirit … and unlock the CODE so Money Flows with Ease, the best-selling When Love walks out the Door, healing and rebuilding. She is the creator of the powerful Living Brilliantly program and several mind-set changing courses. She writes about transforming your life with ease, so you can live brilliantly, doing what you love. She lives with her food-smooching cat at one of the most beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast of AU, and more times than not, you will find her at the beach, either writing, joining friends for yummy food and fun, or walking along the boardwalk enjoying the amazing views.
You will find her books @ – and the Living Brilliantly program @ Facebook: inspiredpublishing. Twitter: @inspiredpub


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