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This week we celebrate USA’s Independence Day. (do not worry, this article will apply to all). It has me thinking about freedom and the various forms of the word. Between physical, emotional and financial freedom, there are a couple I have come up with and named myself.

Turquoise: Use this stone to assist freeing you from your limitations. You may carry this with you when you are doing that scary thing you do not feel you can do. Being freed from fear and limitations are turquoise’s specialist and may also be used by wearing it or even massage (like I described last week).

Clear Quartz: I use this stone to free myself from the I’m-trying-to-get-approval-from-others issue. This kind of freedom is the very best feeling. Again, carry or wear it but also, I have a grid set up around where I write and work. I place one in each of the corners near me and just that energy helps me to write and work without abandon.

Rubellite: This is a rarer stone, but one I absolutely love. This crystal can help you break free of your current situations that might be causing you grief. Any freedoms you seek, this is a great stone for that. Carry or wear this or keep one very close to you and where you are usually faced with decisions. For me, this is around my computer. A good trick I have learned is to use tape and place the stone on the front of the laptop. But, a word of warning, make sure you know the crystals well because stones like hematite are not meant to go around electrical items, especially computers.

Barite: Another stone that is not often discussed, this one helps free you of trying-to-make-your-relationships-perfect. Not every relationship, whether it be a friendship, a partnership or a parent-child one, you really have to drop the ideal image of what you feel the ‘ship should look like. This is a very freeing stone and reminds you that you don’t have to make everything perfect. It helps to just allow the ‘ship to happen and don’t put expectations on them. What a freeing feeling!

Aventurine: This wonderful stone helps CAFS_CrystalConsciousness_June292014_ReneeAvardwith financial freedom. It encourages prosperity and gaining of wealth. I meditate over this stone when I am faced with a challenging budget. Again, keep one close to you when you are working on your finances and especially when you are shopping. Grocery shopping, clothes shopping and even online shopping all require the ability to stop when you are ahead and not overspend.

There are many others, but these are my favorite for encouraging freedoms of all sorts. And, to symbolize this special USA holiday, the blue (ish) turquoise, the red rubellite and the white barite are wonderful to put together in a bag and carry with you as you celebrate and attend various festivities.

Hope you find the freedom you are desiring and remember, one of the most important parts of working with the crystals is your intention. ‘Charge’ the stones each time you use them by instilling them with what you are needing. This ‘activates’ them and assists in what you need to accomplish. Enjoy finding your freedoms and Happy Independence Everyday!

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And now for some news!CAFS_DefiningLoveWorthCatching_Take2_ReneeAvard_July2014

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