Crystal Consciousness July 7th – 13th

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Crystals are awesome at helping with a variety of subjects. The intention put into each of the stones will enhance the way the crystal will help you.

This week, I am just going to help you by listing a few stones and what they can help with. The list today is going to begin with the ‘A’ subjects.

As I always say, you can use your feelings and intentions to a stone you feel drawn to. This list is not a be all end all. But it is what helps me a lot.

Abundance: aventurine, bloodstone

Abuse Problems:carnelian, emerald

Acceptance: green jasper

Addictions: obsidian, peridot

Allergies: apatite

Anger: angelite

Angel Communication: celestite

Anger: kunzite

Anxiety: lithium quartz

Arthritis: lapis lazuli

Attraction Assistance: rhodonite

Autism: moldavite, sugilite

Awareness: howlite


These are some great stones that have helped me and I feel they could help you as well.CAFS_CrystalMeditation_CCColumnJuly72014_ReneeAvard

Use them in the way of intention – first, cleanse the stone: You may smudge it, use incense and pass over it, place them outside under the full moon or even placing them beside candles that have been deemed the right color for what you are looking to add to the stone. Then, set the intention for the stone by meditating on it. Cup the stone in your hand and apply your intentions onto the crystal.

See you next week and thanks to all for always reading and being here for the great crystal news. I appreciate each and every one of you and am honored to be here to share my knowledge with you. Thank you.

Blessings and crystal love! 

As an eclectic Sp20140323_074507iritualist with focus on Earth-Based Spirituality, Renee Avard, the “Unique-tivity Guide” created a business to be a Holistic and Spiritual endeavor assisting in bringing out the unique and creative side each person already has inside them. Forever learning, Renee is both a student and a Guide here to show all how to allow your Star inside to lighten Life outside. Renee imparts the wisdom needed for everyone to know and accept that we are ALL wor
th catching.
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