Crystal Consciousness: July 20th – 27th 2014

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Crystals often appear in your life to send a message. You might be at a crystal shop and one just pops out at you or you maybe browse online and suddenly feel at one with the crystal you see.

Today I am going to let you in on the meanings behind a few of my favorite stones that I hope become your favorites, too!

Lapis Lazuli: used when things need to be as direct as possible. Use when you need more of an objective perspective on any given situation. Once you use to unblock certain channels, be prepared for a bit of unrest before the situation is under control. (Think of it like spraying for ants. When you first spray, more seem to appear, but they soon go away.)

CAFS_CrystalForecast_July20throughJuly272014_ReneeAvardFurlowAgate (of any color): assists with insomnia. Stimulates pleasant dreams. Being more analytical of a situation is helped with this stone and often is needed if you need to act with your mind rather than your heart.

Rose Quartz: The stone of love. Of all kinds including self. Assists with not just giving out love, but helps to open you up to receiving it.

Obsidian: Releases negative thoughts. Helps to make it through change and not to resist it.

Carnelian: If you need patience, this is the stone to get! It also helps curb doubts you might have about any given situation. Also assists with living in the here and now.

Enjoy your week ahead and remember, crystals are there to assist you in anything. All you have to do is place your intentions on them and watch them work wonders. And enjoy your Crystal Forecast. Let me know how everything goes for you! 

Blessings and love.

ReneeAvardNEWJuly142014As an eclectic Spiritualist with focus on Earth-Based Spirituality, Renee Avard-Furlow, the “Unique-tivity Guide” created a business to be a Holistic and Spiritual endeavor assisting in bringing out the unique and creative side each person already has inside them. Forever learning, Renee is both a student and a Guide here to show all how to allow your Star inside to lighten Life outside. Renee imparts the wisdom needed for everyone to know and accept that we are ALL worth catching. Follow her at the following links:

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