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crystal consciousness banner This has been an up and down sort of week… It has been very busy, but very rewarding. I am here this week to bring you the best crystals to heal and to assist with grief. Why this topic? Paul Walker, of the Fast and Furious movies, passed away on Saturday. Everyone who knows me knows I have a few of ‘my’ actors/shows, etc and he’s one of mine. I find myself sad, but also heartbroken.

As soon as I found out the news, I wrote this:

This is box title
As the feelings become overwhelming
and I am left disbelieving
Your presence will be missed
I blow you one last kiss

I know you are among the stars
being genuine sent you far
your lasting soul will live on in those around
in you there was always peace to be found

I may not have known you in person
I knew you as a genuine soul with lessons
and it’s in your acting I find solace
by your work and legacy, you will remain with us

© Renee Avard November

September 12, 1973 – November 30 2013

We also experienced the loss of Nelson Mandela on Thursday. It’s just been one roller coaster of the crossing over of these 2 angels.

The following crystals are good for managing grief, keeping memories alive and how to heal every kind of broken heart, no matter what the reason…you have (and had) experienced with your loved one’s.

apache tear


The most common for grief is the Apache Tear. It is used to sooth a heavy heart, heal grief in all ways, and ultimately healing the sadness felt after a significant loss.  It also works to assist you to see the divine light and love.





Rhodonite is one is one I love so much because it has so many properties and so varied that something keeps me coming to this stone – so while I have featured it before, here are even more reasons to love this stone as much as I do. It helps sooth your emotions and feelings after a sudden loss. It is a very steady stone, assisting to ground yourself and find a way to anchor your memories of those gone by. It can transform and heal your emotions. (this is personally one of my most favorites to work with).



Ruby heals wounds of the heart in more than one area. It affects mental, psychical and spiritual arenas It also assists with the root chakra as that is most effected by sudden loss. It also helps to validate your emotions and feelings for any and all subjects.




Aquamarine is the stone of release and, once you are ready, allows you to let go and accept the loss. It also helps connect you to their soul and spirit since the body is gone. It also will bring feelings on said persons to light for processing.


If you are grieving, whether it be someone’s passing, the end of a relationship or any other emotion that you associate with loss and your heart hurting, any or all of the above crystals will help in more ways than one. Meditating with the stone will bring your inner thoughts to the surface and will help in mourning, accepting and releasing.

© Renee Avard

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In My Element - Natures Treasures - August 26 2013

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