Crystal Consciousness 27th Jan – 3rd Feb, 2014

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Crystal Consciousness 27th Jan – 3rd Feb, 2014

“Communication Breakdown”

There are some days that you just cannot get out what it is you really want to say.  It’s been that kind of week for me. So I have some crystals here to help you with getting your message across. Because, while most of these will be less about you say but rather what the listener actually heard. Communication can get very confusing because of the misunderstandings that could easily come out of a conversation. It can be difficult to speak the right words and these crystals, when programmed right, can alleviate some of those obstacles.


Ametrine: Wonderful for speaking, especially public speaking due to the assertive and outgoing personality traits come out.

blue calcite

Blue Calcite: It is a gentle, easy-going stone that is very very inspirational stone and will help decode what our thoughts are jumbled and feeling a bit off and allows things to make sense and convert into words.

Celestite: Opens many of the top chakras in turn opening you for clear communication from Divinity. It also does everything to make you see and feel your truth. 

golden calcite

Golden Topaz: It improves concentration and helps clear the mind. It can also help manifest desires that are vocalized.

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As a Metaphysical Specialist with my focus on Earth-Based Spirituality, I have many areas of unparalleled knowledge, including Crystals and Chakra Studies. I created my business to be a customized Holistic and Spiritual endeavor that assists in bringing out the “Unique-tivity” each person already has inside them. Forever learning, I am both a student and a Guide who is here to show you how to allow your Star inside to lighten Life outside. We are ALL worth catching!

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  1. Jamie January 28, 2014 at 2:26 pm - 

    I love this! Thanks Renee xo

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