Creating Your Own Sacred Space written by Trudie Ann Moore

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Creating Sacred Spaces

By Trudie Ann Moore

meditation room ideaIt is very important to have a room, a corner, or space within your home where you can gather your thoughts and not be disturbed.

Your room, or corner, will need to be a place where you can think, enjoy quietness, and listen to your inner voice.

We all have busy schedules and lives, often taking care of the needs of others, but in these changing times, it is very important to nurture yourself with some alone quiet time. We are all Masters in the making – if you are a Mother, you are still an individual soul with the potential for mastery.

If you are a wife or husband, again, you are still an individual with a soul, and your soul, as I have so often said, has a “PURPOSE”.

It does not take much to create a sacred space, and you can start small by reflecting or meditating for just five to ten minutes.

Mums would benefit from this before their children come home from school, single working people, to unwind after work. If you live alone and have a whole unit or house to yourself, having a separate room to go into begins to build a special energy which you will notice feels different from the rest of the home.

When you build this space, it will attract it’s own spirit or elemental, as well as your angels and spirit guides.

You will find yourself feeling calmer, more balanced, and gain a clearer perspective on any challenges or problems you might be facing.

So what do we need to do to create our space?

First of all it’s a good idea to give the window ledges and any furniture a quick dust, because dust collects negative and stagnant energy.

Get rid of any clutter and find another home for things you don’t use, paperwork or clothing in untidy piles etc.

Choose a comfortable chair, settee or futon to sit on. If you have a nice outlook, face the window.

Put up some spiritual pictures on the walls of angels, the universe, nature pictures; whatever looks peaceful to you. Use Blue Tac if you are renting and need to be careful of marking the walls.

Burn some fragrant, but not overpowering incense, or put drops of lavender oil in an oil burner.

Soothing music or chants, adds ambiance to the room, and helps to put you very quickly into a meditative state. A small portable cd player can be bought inexpensively from most electronic stores, or on an i-pod or phone.

Some people may wish to set up a small altar to give the room a main focus. This is personal choice, and again is very easy to do.

meditation spaceUse a low table, or some milk crates with a board over the top, and drape some nice material over it.  Next place some candles on the alter preferable on a saucer or dish so you don’t have candle wax dripping all over your nice material. Soy candles or natural beeswax are best to avoid toxic fumes. Arrange a few; but not too many pictures that can stand in frames, of whatever inspires you – a Saint, a Spiritual Master/Guru, Buddha, the OM symbol, angels, Jesus, Shiva, Isis, etc. these pictures each hold an energy and when combined, create a field of uplifting healing vibrations.

Some nice additional items might be your favourite crystals, prayer beads,Tibetan toning bowl,  notebook, pen or paints, and a pack of Angel or other oracle-type cards.

If you are sharing your home with others, it’s a good idea to pop a note on the door  like:” in Meditation, please do not disturb.”

Your sacred space can be used to receive guidance or inspiration from Spirit, as well as unwinding from your day.

I hope this has given you a few helpful hints if this is something you were contemplating creating. Have fun !  


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Trudie Ann More is a practising shaman and has 

her own healing business called Soul Surgery.
For more about her work or to make an appointment, visit or call her on: 0403-544-863.




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  1. Heather November 7, 2013 at 11:20 am - 

    U truly made quite a few wonderful items in ur blog, “Creating Your
    Own Sacred Space written by Trudie Ann Moore | Spiritual Wisdom Magazine”.
    I’ll you should be heading back to ur site eventually. Thank you -Ezequiel

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