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yvonne advertYvonne Peraza is an Angelic Life Coach, Angel Communications Master, Human Design Specialist, and Usui Reiki Master … just to name a few.

Yvonne is here to create transformation and change in people’s lives bringing them to new expressions of abundant fulfillment in every way.

She believes that your uniqueness is your purpose!

Yvonne’s Mission Statement:

I stand for peace, joy, and the love for humanity.

I stand for empowerment and evolution through learning, inspiration, and creativity.

I stand for unique transformation. Your unique transformation.

I believe that the first step in transformation is to de-condition yourself from your loved ones.

Yes, your family and friends, and society too.

My purpose is to help you to recognize and understand your patterns which can lead you to new experiences within yourself and others.

After all, the greatest gift you can give the world is by being you!

Are you ready?

Are you willing to transform?

Your Uniqueness is Your Purpose!

Yvonne is an Angelic Life Coach® and her purpose is to help you recognize and change your patterns so that you can live freely and joyously, move forward in your life and dreams, and to discover how truly unique you really and truly are.  

Her work uses a variety of healing methods which are intuitively received and gently given to you with Love and Light and always focusing on your well being. She tries to focus on being positive and uplifting so that she can bring you clarity through Divine guidance.

Please know that the angels will never take away your free will. They will only guide you and give pointers as to what direction to take for your highest good.

Would you like to learn more about yourself so that you can make better choices for yourself?

Do you wish you had an owner’s manual for your life?

Everyone needs something different so Yvonne doesn’t have a set way of working. Your session is customized to you and your needs. She’ll talk about your conundrums and  help you develop life improvement plans which will help you clear out any blocks leading you into feeling happier, joyful, and loved.

Would you like to talk and see if you are a fit?  

Please connect with Yvonne through
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