Celestial Vibration CD – Christ Returns

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celestial vibration cd coverRecently I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of the Celestial Vibration CD – Christ Returns.

Tonal bells and soothing crystal bowl energy wash over you from the very beginning. My chakras feel like they are submerged in warm calming water and I’m floating. For now, let me just enjoy being bathed in this amazing experience”.

From the very start, your body, mind and soul knows that this is NOT like any other meditation or relaxation cd you have heard before. To say it is ‘uplifting’ feels too lacklustre, empowering would be a much better description.

The tonal bells & soothing crystal bowl vibrations seem to waken something primal within that I had lost sight of many years before.

Just when I feel my soul is full, another sound ignites a primal urge to go deeper into meditation, dare to step into the void, become one with the tonal vibrations, and when I do so I am gifted with the most incredible peace, the most incredible knowing and awakening that I had ever and have ever felt in my 24 years of spiritual practice. 

The Celestial Vibration CD – Christ Returns is by far the best meditation/relaxation – awakening CD that I have heard. It is now pride of place in my meditation cd player and will be, I know, for years to come.

The Celestial Vibration CD – Christ Returns is also available through itunes at the following links:

Australia itunes link:

USA itunes link:

I was gifted extra copies of the Celestial Vibration CD – Christ Returns – for a few fellow SWM readers. These copies will be gifted to a few lucky squishies, during a give away on my Spiritual Wisdom Magazine fbook page to Australian residents only (due to postage costs). Be sure to keep an eyeball out for this incredible giveaway!

This is not the first of Quantic Music’s cds’. Far from it. Visiting the Quantic Music website is like visiting an old friend, a soft place to fall, a familiar energy.  You could literally sit for hours listening to the samples of the music, dreaming of a time that feels newer, fresher, more alive.

To purchase more of Quantic Music’s amazing Vibrational music go to

alians website

Purchase CD’s directly from the Artist at Quantic Music – click image

About Quantic Music:

The Quantic Music Series is specifically designed for healing, relaxation, meditation as well as for use in combination with other therapies. Our fan’s feedback has referred to these recordings as being deep, powerful and capable of transforming one’s mind, body and soul.

Listening to this music aids in maintaining emotional equilibrium and finding inner peace. It is ideal for massage therapy and cures insomnia. At home, SPA, at work or traveling, these CDs are a perfect backdrop to your day.

Sit back, relax, & take in more of Alain’s amazing Vibrational Music with this visualisation:

Visit Quantic Music for more of their amazing Vibrational music.

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