A Soul Waking

A Soul Waking
A Soul Waking
Spiritual Guidance through Oracle Readings and Reiki Healing.

A bit more of a personal insight into who I am as a Reader and Reiki Practitioner is further down below!

I’m an Oracle [card reader], Reiki Practitioner, Visionary, and most importantly I am learning to embody the entirety of my Divine Essence and Spirit with(in) and harnessing raw creative energy. I’m here to help you do the same. I offer Oracle Card readings and distance Reiki Healing Sessions. Gift certificates are also available to purchase for all services offered!

Oracle card readings come in three different formats to suit your needs, written, MP3, and live readings via phone or Skype sessions. I work deeply and devotedly with Spirit, Angelic Realms, and my own natural based intuition and visionary expression to make a deep connection with each client, and bring forth what is for their highest good and need for the time.

I also offer Distance Healing Reiki Sessions in 30 minute and 45 minute sessions. Reiki has become such a devout practice of mine, and I love being able to share this experience with others. I work well with those who have never experienced Distance Reiki before, as well as experienced individuals.

After an Oracle Card Reading, or Distance Reiki Healing session, I am always happy to speak to you about your experience, or answer any further questions you may have that relate to your session time.

**A bit about me

I’ve been working with the cards for around nine years both with my own Divination practices, and I’ve also offered this service to others.

Each reading that I give is never the same, and I am always awed and inspired by the co-creation between myself, Spirit, and the client. Spirit and the essence of the Oracle always know what is for the highest good and need for the time, and always work together to heartwarmingly tailor the reading to the present energy.

I am still learning about myself as a reader. Each day I grow stronger with my ability to work with(in) the Oracle. I am becoming fluid with my own visions, and visionary processing, intuition, and clairs. I am continuously connecting and thriving with(in) remembrance and resonance with my gifts and abilities, and I have found it to be a strong part of my path and love to share this with others. Readings are truly sacred offerings from my heart and visionary truth.

I love sharing the experiences that I have with the cards, the angels, and the rest of Spirit that comes through when I use them. It’s a beautiful Divination tool, and such a powerful expression of insight.

The bond that I have with all of my decks are special and sacred to me, as is the love I have for the Oracle. I bring the energy of that passion and love that I hold to each reading. I have deep hopes of being able to spark that excitement and bring to light the insight you need at this time in your life.

I am also deeply rooted in love with being a Reiki Practitioner. I do not see Reiki as simply a practice, I do not see it as simply a tool. For me, it has become a part of my life. I walk my path in co-creation with this energy, honoring it with every step I take.

I believe that Reiki was meant to be given to all those who welcome it, fluidly and frequently. Receiving a Reiki session is a sacred time for those who receive and also those who give. I love sharing in this experience with those that I work with.

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A Soul Waking

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