Awaken Enchantment

Awaken Enchantment
Allyson has been working full time in the healing arts for eight years. She is a Spiritual Counsellor and writer who’s readings offer clear, insightful and accurate guidance. Her readings are unique in that she heals as she reads, shifting energy throughout the reading to provide maximum benefit for her clients. Allyson works most closely with the Nature Spirits that make up the elemental/fairy realm. Be it in a reading, her workshops or her writing, her system is sure to support you in discovering your innate personal joy. And most importantly, learning to adapt and have fun along the way. Working internationally, Allyson is cultivating clients in Canada, the United States and Europe.

Readings available via Phone, Skype and FaceTime. I believe that a reading should be empowering for both the client and the reader. No one can or should make your decisions for you and the future is not set in stone. The truth is you have all the answers you seek already within you. And by connecting with Spirit, we will open up a conversation that will allow the answers to reveal themselves. I heal as I read, shifting and integrating energy throughout the session. Using my Believe oracle cards and self-healing system, I will identify any obstacles that may be preventing you from gaining clarity, healing and moving forward. As well I utilize my system’s various tools (including the four elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire) Sharing Spirit’s messages will help validate your intuition as well as provide any necessary insight that is called for. Be it clarity, support, peace of mind, a good kick in the butt or more, my intent is to aid positive transformation.

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Awaken Enchantment

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