Animal Star Healing New Zealand

Energy Medicine vitalises your animal, bringing joy and enthusiasm to your companion’s life. Greater vivacity is given to the Animal’s body, replenishing and restoring the energy system. The energy is non-evasive and works safely in conjunction with other forms of healing. It uses simple techniques to clear, balance, restore and support the Animal’s energy system. Sessions can be conducted remotely .The Star Healing for Small AnimalsTM system, has a signed code of conduct which is highly regarded globally.

Star Healing can help animals with a variety of symptoms including:

• Cataracts and other eye problems
• Anxiety
• Aggression
• Tumours
• Skin conditions including Dermatitis and Rain Rot
• Sadness, Depression or Grief
• Ear infections
• Allergies
• Digestive problems
• Arthritis
• Muscle Soreness
• Joint Issues including Hip Dysplasia
• Behavioural Issues
• Breathing conditions
• Fractures and other wounds which are slow to heal
• Teeth trouble including chewing, weight loss, and pain
• Digestive disorders


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Animal Star Healing New Zealand

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