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imageFrom India to Hawaii, the breath is considered the connection to the spirit. It is the source of spirit that can move into the body. Deep breathing was so important that those who didn’t breathe as deeply where considered somewhat of lost souls. In Yoga and other healing practices, the breathing techniques are furthered with styles of breathing that create a stronger connection, empty the energetic fields and which connect one to higher sources.

The importance of breathing from the ancient sciences is not necessarily lost. However, only 5% of our lung capacity is used with the short breath becoming more prominent. Rarely do you see an individual going into the gut with the breath. Anxiety, hyperventilation, even stress result in the lack of breathing, specifically because the oxygen isn’t getting to the nervous system, brain center, blood circulation or other internal areas of the system. At a physical and even spiritual level, life without the deep breathing is detrimental.

Connecting Back to the Self

Walking around the city or even smaller town doesn’t make me want to breathe deeply. The amount of pollution and particles that are floating around is probably associated with the 5% lung capacity that we are all falling into. When this becomes habitual, it falls into short breathing in the home and in places that may be safe. I’ve noticed that breathing is also a copycat syndrome. When we are around others as children, we actually imitate the way that the breathe, leading to the shorter, smaller breathing. The same happens as we grow older, specifically where we begin to imitate the breathing patterns of those around us, even when it is subconscious.

Deep breathing patterns, unless focused on consciously for an extended period of time, may not be possible in all situations. Maybe it shouldn’t be. However, if there is a conscious connection, even for a short period of time, it can easily begin to shift your energy and build back the spiritual grasp that we are all seeking. It’s that small, daily effort of combining the spirit to the emotion to the energy field and finally to the body that begins to chip away at our scars and wounds and creates a miraculous and phenomenal transformation into who we always have been and are longing to become. With all the techniques that are available, it really is as simple as breathing.

What You Do is What You Become

If I practice Reiki for 20 minutes a day, my energy field begins to change. This is because I’m concentrating my energy on specific chakra points everyday, transferring a specific energy to them. The energy is a symbol of spiritual elements that move from the auric field and eventually into my physical being. I then start to carry this vibration around. If I practice Yoga for 10 minutes a day, certain postures and elements begin to alter and shift my energetic field to the extent where it changes my look.

Sometimes I really wish that the concentration of our lives would be about this energy first. Weight loss, looking youthful and all the pop stigmas are unrealistic. What is really creating a look is our energy. If our focus is on even a little of shifting our energetic form everyday, then we will become youthful, carry a certain look that is attractive or even glowing and build into that spiritual form that we are when in true posture.

Would if the focus everyday was to move the spirit through you, just for 10 minutes a day? With the deep breathing and specific techniques, it would begin to remove the energetic blocks. It would create a shift and transfer of energy into your auric field, eventually allowing your body to shift form and presentation. Your spirit would begin to move into your physical reality. The glow that you would carry, the way you would present and hold yourself and the person you would become would be nothing less than divine.

Just Breathe

It’s not just deep breathing. It’s different forms of breathing. For instance, do the Yogic fire breath for 2 – 3 minutes a day. It will burn away the extra energetic blocks that don’t serve you. Do deep, slow breathing into your diaphragm for 10 minutes at night. Your spirit will begin to move into the depths of your body, creating an instantaneous transformation. Breathe deeply from side to side, sometimes holding your breath, sometimes moving rapidly.

The general rule is that any rapid breathing is designed to remove auric blocks. Any deep breathing moves your soul and spirit connection deeper into your chakras. And deeper breathing with holding will release blocks in different chakras, especially when you move into different Yogic positions. The art of the breath is the art of the spirit coming into the form of the body.

Most of all…

Be beautiful.

brooke headshotBrooke Hart is the executive director, entrepreneur and shamanic healer at the Omatrix Center. She specializes in energetic healing and medicine as well as empowerment programs and spiritual teachings that allow one to find their soul purpose at this time. She holds a vision that every individual can become empowered and into their true self through healing and with tools, such as technology, that assist them in their soul evolution and development. Her work expands into shamanic practices, energy healing and women’s empowerment. She also works within the business realm with Internet Marketing, strategic development and technological solutions. Her desire is to provide a gateway from Heaven to Earth, where spiritual practices are a foundation in every area of our lives. She is currently the author of the books, Medicine Mind, Medicine Body, and Awakening Your Higher Self, and is the composer of the CD, Whispers of Light.

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