Passing through Time – Conversations with the Other Side by Nicole Suzanne Brown

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Passing through Time – Conversations with the Other Side by Nicole Suzanne Brown
Have you ever wondered where we go when we die? Have you had someone close to you die and just wish you could have one last chance to be in contact with them? Have you ever been immersed in grief so strong you felt there was never going to be a chance to love and laugh again? Jason was a strong, fit and healthy young man with everything to look forward to in life. His death of a heart attack at 29 years of age was a sudden shock to his loved ones. It was days later that he started to communicate with his sister Nicole. Death or as Jason likes to call it ‘Passing through Time’, is not the end, but a continuing journey to become one with the God-Self, God-Force in each one of us. Every ones passing is unique and personal and Jason describes what each one see’s and most importantly feels, whether it is a child or the elderly, an accident or suicide. His love for life shines through the pages of the book and his cheekiness and larrikin awareness of all that is happening around him is honest and heartwarming to all who read his words. Here’s what you will learn: Jason brings an awareness of what we have lost; our connection to each other, and urges each and everyone of us to know we have never been alone, and never will be. He urges all who read his words to communicate with their loved ones now and after their passing. He teaches all of us about Colours and Energy. That Angels really do exist and how you can drawn them to you. What is the God-Force/God-Self within each one of us? Laced within each chapter is a journal quote from Jason and Nicole’s Mother Diane.Passing through Time is for all ages, all beliefs, and especially for all those who know that the love of another who passes never dies. Passing through Time will open your eyes to a world we have been so closed off from for so long.
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Written by Nicole Suzanne Brown

Passing Through Time - Conversations with the Other side - available paperback & kindle

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