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Book Launch Dream written by Samantha Richards 

Touched by Divine Love_Book CoverOn Friday 25 October 2013, my book launch of Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown took place at Dymocks in Southland.

My day had passed in nervous anticipation of the evening’s event. I practiced my speech and read out loud the chapter I was going to share, and although apprehensive, I was not scared. I felt all would be OK as my speech rehearsal seemed to go well―not surprising when you are alone!

I was not sure how many people would turn up to the event, however I estimated perhaps fifteen―if I was lucky―after all, I am a new, completely unknown author whose name does not draw a crowd.

I arrived, got everything ready and began chatting to people whom I am proud to call my friends. I was immediately struck by how much love and support was being generated my way, and in this realisation I was completely humbled by family, friends, and fellow Toastmasters. Never did one see such a sea of friendly, happy faces beaming back at them.

Many of these incredible people―who had known me when I was at my lowest―told me how proud they were of what I have achieved in all aspects of my life. They made me realise how very lucky I am to have them in my life.

Andrew Fenlon, a fellow Silver Service Toastmaster, and President of our club began introducing me. He was so confident and smooth in his introduction, his words generous and kind in his recounting our first meeting. I recall having a silly, dazed expression plastered on my face as I looked at the thirty faces of those around me. Holy cow, there’s sixty eyes looking in my direction!, I idiotically mused.


How on earth am I going to do this?, and everything I rehearsed during the day simply vanished out of my mind. No matter how I tried, I could not remember what I wanted to say. Oh no, not again! Maybe I should just go to the ladies and hide all night!, were the panicked thoughts that filtered into my head―I could feel an anxiety attack coming on! Oh god … Breathe!

Before I knew it, Andrew had finished his presentation and the audience were applauding. In a trance-like state I stood, shook his hand, took a deep breath, opened my mouth, and silently prayed.

I was astounded, as the words seemed to flow easily as I informed the audience why I wrote the book. I explained its contents are based on my own experiences of personal and spiritual transformation, and as comprehensive primer on metaphysical subjects, it is designed to encourage the reader to realise they are more than what they are lead to believe, far beyond the physical.

SRichards_Booklaunch1I described how, when growing up, I believed those people in positions of authority who told me I was not intelligent, and would never make anything of my life. For forty years I had listened, accepting their unkind judgement of me which, over time, had filtered into my heart to the point that their opinions became mine―an act I was not even aware of.

It took a further two years of deep self-reflection before recognised I was allowing, therefore enabling the negativity of criticism that surrounded me. This disparagement came not only from others, but also from my own vicious inner dialogue―it was time to change!

The words kept flowing as I described how the effort expended in my transformation eventually paid off. I discovered talents I never knew I had, such as writing, public speaking, teaching adults, and motivating others to make changes in their own life. I stressed that our dreams and aspirations should be pursued. Why? Because, the emotion of regret is one that lasts a lifetime.

I then picked up a copy of my book and began reading the first chapter called Journey into the Unknown. I made a few mistakes during the reading, usually when I looked up and made eye contact with audience members, losing the paragraph I was reading, however I managed to draw a few laughs when I compensated with a quip.

I sold fifteen books that night and signed a good deal more. Everyone who approached me was so warm and generous in their compliments―I was utterly overwhelmed by their love.

Their wonderful response to me has shown that whether my book sells or not, triumph has come by following my own dreams. Of course I would love for Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown to be popular, nevertheless, I do not see my own success as coming from the amount of sales my book makes, but from the setting of goals, and their fulfillment.

The process of realising your dreams does take courage, determination, and self-belief, however it is definitely worth it in the long run. The sense of pride in what you have accomplished is felt at the very core of your being, where it will forever reside.

One of my favourite sayings is, “throughout life there will always be obstacles you will need to navigate your way around. It’s not the obstacle that counts, but the way in which you approach it.” This saying of mine is a constant reminder to continue moving forward in my endeavours, to never give up looking for new ways to achieve my objectives.

Having dreams is an important part of life and the act of living. Discovering, or rediscovering our dreams gives us something to aim for, including self-validation―without the desire for approval from any other being.

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“When we follow our dreams we give ourselves permission to live our lives to the full, becoming leaders by example, encouraging those closest to us to also believe in themselves” Tweet This!.

The greatest understanding for me has been in the realisation that the majority of people want to see those around them succeed, as it gives them confidence in their own success.

samantha richardsSamantha Richards is a Personal and Spiritual Development Teacher, Healer and Psychic Medium.

She is also the author of Touched by Divine Love: A Personal Journey into the Unknown, available online from all good book retailers for $22.99 (RRP), or for more information visit, or


Inspired Clothing’s mission is to inspire individuals to take action in their lives and be positive role models for others.

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