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*Feed your soul this JULY by booking an Angelic Soulfood reading with our Angel Reader Jamie Street.

Jamie Streett Angelic Soul Food reader

Jamie Streett Angelic Soul Food reader

Angels are with us all the time and their love is unconditional, looking beyond our faults and mistakes. When we are in need they are there to help us. Angel cards reflect this. Angel card readings are a way to receive Angelic guidance. Just as there are many different Tarot card decks available, there are several different Angel card decks to choose from. Angel card readings are always uplifting, inspirational, motivational, positive and loving. Oracle cards are an ancient, time honored way to connect with Angels and Spirit Guides. Angel cards are completely safe, as they only attract the loving celestial energy of the messengers of God.The Angels are happy to help with everyday life issues, all you have to do is ask them!   Please know when giving reads I will not give exact answers, such as what your soul mates name is, what town you are to buy your home in, should you get divorced etc… I am here to guide you with the advice of the angels on how to handle the situations you are going through with the best possible outcome for you and those that may be involved. I don’t like to limit the greatness of outcomes by placing limits with specific answers. More importantly you must know that you control your destiny and although you are not able to control the actions of others, you are able to control how you respond to them.

I will use any of the following to do the Angel Readings either together or separately:  Angel Cards, Intuition, Channeled Messages from the Archangels, and auto writing.

All readings can be conducted via email, phone, Skype, google hangouts.

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