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Yay! Body Wisdom Magazine – Spiritual Wisdom’s sister site, is now LIVE.!

Love health & Fitness? Want to lose a few kg’s and bring your body back to balance? Body Wisdom Magazine educates it’s readers with high energy workouts, delicious & nutritious recipes & foods, fitness retreats & information highlighting how to be in sync with your own body and it’s needs.

I would love it if you could tottle off and read the first article submitted by Brooke Hart  a wonderful contributor to our newest online magazine Body Wisdom Magazine. Her articles titled “energetically speaking” raises the bar on the body mind connection.


Her first article is titled “The Layers Behind Fat”. Here’s a snippet:
“There is an energetic behind being overweight. It is a parallel in our energetic field that is causing many of us to fall into being in the rising statistics, whether it is from a yo – yo diet or from continuously trying to find a new formula. The specific energetics starts in the belly around the lower chakras (1st – 3rd). When one begins to balance and raise the energetics of these chakras, weight, specifically belly fat, will begin to fall off and what once seemed to be a diet or lifestyle of exercise will turn into a natural and comfortable way to be…”

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