I won a Blog With Heart Award!

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Yesterday Jodi Chapman from Soul Speak announced the top 25 winners of the Blog With Heart Award, and Spiritual Wisdom Magazine was amongst the winners!

*kermit arm flail*

Spiritual Wisdom Magazine can now be classed as an award winning blog!

You will now see the above badge placed proudly on the footer of the website for all to view 🙂

As a winner, I am able to choose one of Jodi’s journals as an e-book. *hooray!..hmmm which to choose, which to choose?*

I personally would like to convey my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for all who voted for me.

*Squishy group hugs*

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  1. Bitell September 2, 2014 at 6:49 am - 

    Hello im intrested in prapoghothy i just got my first DSLR and im having trouble finding a workshop in my area. ive been practicing and the pics look fine but i really dont know if im doing things properly . ive read the manual but nothing sticks im more HANDS ON please let me know when your having a beginners workshop. thank you

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