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Switchboard to the Stars
with Madeleine St.Jacques

{September 27-October 5th, 2014}


“Bathe in the flow. And know you are being provided for in the most beneficent ways. Do not be afraid of its power.” ~The Collective

Hello Brilliant Beings of Light & Love,

Before we dive in to this week’s galactic encodement and message from the Heavens, let’s all take a collective breath. Softly gazing at the image above; breathing in presence, breathing in peace, and releasing any tension or resistance we might be carrying within us at the moment. There we go.

And so it seems we are again at a crossroads in our Evolutionary journey. You feel it don’t you? We are poised at the edge of a great leap forward. I wanted to take a moment to pause just now because it has been such an intense time for many. A time of clearing and preparation that has run the gamut of joyous breakthroughs and uncomfortable revelations of stark truth. At such times we can scramble to regain some sense of solid ground because we feel the changes occurring; every day more shifting and we awake in a new ‘place’.

Some of us have been gifted with Divine Opportunities to step outside our comfort zones and revisit some of the old ‘stuff’ we thought we’d kicked or mastered. This is just one of those hallmark moments of change —  a true touchpoint — that I think will be remembered by many going forward.

The Encodements for this week are potent, as you will see. They lay the ground work for a new grid of sorts — a platform of support for us to step out onto when we’re ready. Sit with it, be present with its frequencies. Allow it to settle in as you bathe in the energies and allow it to carry you to new ground.



Energetic Encodement: September 27-October 5, 2014

“It is with great joy that we bring through to you a message of high hopes from the Heavens.

An evolving language for an evolving culture; As vessels of change, to propel you forward.

[This encodement carries] Light rays that carry frequencies necessary for your next steps.

You will feel it flowing through you. Though you may be accustomed to running energy and directing energy, this is something new we are bringing forth.

You will acclimate and settle into it as you allow it the space to flow and create new pathways of possibilities for you.

Bathe in the flow. And know you are being provided for in the most beneficent ways.

Do not be afraid of its power. You will acclimate.”


  1.                 To help you achieve a meditative state
  2.         In Your Healing Practice as a tool to accelerate your client’s growth
  3.         Keep it visible and spend some time with it daily
  4.         Let it work through you and for you. As a carrier of this energy it is something you can gift to others – with purity of intent and presence.


Until next week my Comrades of Co-Creation!
Much Love,

♥ Madeleine

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new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a conscious channel, writer, and artist skilled in Energy Healing, Coaching/Personal Development, and Awakening insight and intuition in others. Madeleine’s passion is helping you find a place of peace that we all have within us. She receives and shares energetic transmissions of encoded images, symbols, and artwork designed to activate a process of deep awareness and healing with joy, gentleness, and ease.  Learn more about Madeleine and her work, here:


Twitter: @alchemyarts74


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