Attitude of Gratitude – How one man’s journey through grief led him to a life of Gratefulness. Written by Darryl Guy

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attitude of gratitudeAttitude of Gratitude – How one man’s journey through grief led him to a life of Gratefulness. Written by Darryl Guy

After the loss of my family and place of security I did not sense that there was much to be thankful for in myself or from the world I’m living in. This however was to change in a most mysterious and wonderful way.

On every birthday from my early twenties I would wish my mother Happy Birthing day. This was to me a way to say thanks for the pain that I put her through in the nine months & the process of bearing me into this world. It was an underlying feeling that would come back to have great significance in my later life.

After the deaths of my parents I was in a very bad way. Waking up to the nightmare every day I found myself getting bitter and angry. I knew this was unhealthy and that I needed to change. Therefore I took the punt, left my job to do as spirit advised. This was to follow my sense of self to go do whatever I needed to get back on track.

On my next birthday I found myself upon Glastonbury Tor lying in the grass waiting for the sun to rise. I was talking out loud to my late parents, expressing to them both how much I missed them so very much and that it was unfair how things had turned out. In between sobs, I felt myself sink a little deeper into the grass I was laying on.

I then saw two crows flying over me. Sitting up I began to really take in what was around me.

Here I was at one of the most visited spiritual sites in the UK and there were only the two crows and myself. I felt a very deep sense of what felt like greed that I had this beautiful place all too myself.  The sun began to rise and I felt a shift .Laying back down I began to thank my parents for their lives lived and also for the life they had given to me in all its parts. Things like my education and sense of self. Thanking them because it all had led me so that I may actually be at this wondrous place on this particular day. Then I began to thank the Tor & the earth spirits and the two crows that were just to my side cawing at me. I began to see the world start to look beautiful again. My heart opened that morning in the silence of the dawn.

Not long after sunrise a man came jogging up to the tower of St Michael. He stopped beside me at the top and we stood in the silence.

I turned to him and said “You are very lucky to be able to jog here every morning.” He turned to me slowly and said “You know what, I never thought of that. You are right I am lucky.” He turned to me saying “You have a good day, I wish you well.” And he jogged off down the path to Glastonbury village. That was a special moment that was to lead me on a yearlong adventure that showed me how good I had it. .Bringing back the most humbling of emotions, that of gratitude.

Over the next twelve months I found myself in situations that were amazingly humbling. Such as being driven to a pub in Andalucía Spain for beers in the company of an author I had really admired and respected. At another time I found myself taken into a tiny wooden hut in the Amazon to meet the family of the most gracious moto-caro taxi driver in Iquitos. I was so grateful to Max for his help around town I wanted to share what I could with him and his family. What I got in return was the insight that although I felt I was living in a shoebox in Sweden at the time, I had a lot to be grateful for.

Other memorable experiences were finding myself in ceremonies with different plant shaman in the jungle and also in the Andes who gave their time and wisdom to help me heal my wounds.  After making my way safely across South America I was welcomed into a family’s home in Uruguay. There I was amazed at being given so much by people who had so little. It was unconditional and helped me find love and gratitude that I had felt slipped away from my life.

In our fast paced modern world we rush about trying to achieve so much in the seemingly little time we feel we have. Quick meals and brief meetings, leaving everything till the last minute, we dash to places before closing time. This has become a seemingly natural way of life for a lot of people. The consumer society demands we work with more and more effort for the good of ourselves and the all that we are a part of. We have lost that sense to go the pace of nature. To take the time to be thankful for what and who we have in our lives.  Our instant gratification society may have time for a cursory thank you but I feel it leaves little time to actually express and to really show how grateful we are. I was very much part of this society I speak of. Now every morning I look for the beauty in life and take time to not only say thank you but to feel the gratitude for where I live, for how I live and who is in my life. I find I listen to people now more than just hearing them speak sentences and opinions .The most important thing I have in my life now is an attitude of gratitude. My journey has shown to me that even when I have very little, I do have something to give essentially, because we all have something to give when it comes from the heart.

darryl guyDarryl Guy creator and founder of the ‘Resonant  Peace Technique’ helps vocalist and individuals to realign their center and cultivate a greater well-being as well as a richness of voice .  In his ‘Three Worlds Shamanic Practice’ he works with clients in Scandinavia and Europe in a one on one capacity as well as with his Soul flight journeying group to obtain healing and
re-connection with the Self and the environment.

In the last 20 years he has had the honor and privilege to have sat with and to learn from elders, wisdom keepers, shaman, healers and medicine men and women from: Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, Tibet, Peru & Uruguay. He currently lives in Sweden.       You can connect with him on
Facebook –  Threeworlds Shamanic Practice

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