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Fellow Squishies!

I wanted to cordially invite you to join a special group to my heart, Nicole’s ARC Angels. This is a group that I have assembled because you have been so supportive and an instrumental part of my success. I’m creating this group to help spread the word about my books. The best sell for an author is personal recommendation. The best way for me to do that is for you, my friends, to spread the word through email or word of mouth would be a great big help.

There isn’t much to it. As a member, you will join my facebook group which is a yes to the ARC Angel invite. And in return you get a chance to:

* have a character named after you in my books (fiction).
* win a chance to receive an ARC (advance readers copy) of my latest books.
*win monthly drawing for ARC Angels only – you are automatically entered. (this includes gift cards, books, and other fun stuff).
* In the month of my releases, you have a chance to win a $25 Visa Giftcard.
* Fun tips about my characters.
* Extra more things!

What do you have to do to be an ARC Angel?

You only have to do none or all of these:)
* spread the word to family and friends about the books of mine that you really liked.
* take promo materials to local writers groups, conventions, etc…
* be my friend.
* pick one of my books for your book club.
* skype me into your book club or google plus is fine too.
* if you have a blog, feature my new book trailer, review my book, interview me.
* post reviews for my books on all the reader-centric sites like Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc…
**This form of connection and marketing was coined in the 70’s with music executives working on spreading the word about new artists, and making them bigger names. I’d love for you to spread the word about my books! Will you please join my team? JOIN HERE!!
Why am I doing this when I only release four books a year (2 non-fiction, 2 fiction). You have been the inspiration to keep me going and writing books. It’s time I give back to you, my reader! I want to connect with you!You will never know how much I appreciate every single one of you! Thanks so much!
*squishy hugs*
**A HUGE thank you to Tonya Kappes for her “Street Team” idea

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