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Fellow Squishies! I’m SOOO excited to introduce you to the awesomeness that is Jaime Streett. Jaime is an Angel Communication Master, having been certified through Angels Teach University, and licensed through the AMT. Each Friday we’ll be posting and sharing her Weekly Angelic Forecast. I love Jaime’s vision and work with the Angels and I’m sure you will too! Remember to bookmark the tab above titled ‘Weekly Angelic Forecast’ so you don’t miss out on these wonderful Angelic messages. *squishy hugs* Nic


This Weeks Angelic Forecast

Hello beloved Squishes, I trust you will enjoy this weekly Angelic forecast.

archangel raphael

Archangel Raphael by Eve Ventrue

Some of you may be riding the energies with ease and grace while others feel like they are being put through the ringer. So for those of you that are moving along easily, good for you! You are living in alignment with your highest calling and on your way to the healing that needs to take place. For those of you who are not feeling the goodness of it all, no worries. You are now aware that you aren’t quite there yet on aligning with your hearts calling. You are not alone, so don’t beat yourself up about it. The truth is for many it is truly a day to day process. We are conditioned from a young age of what society finds acceptable and in the way we have lost inner most identities. So it can make it a little harder to put it all together. The great news, you will get there and you have legions of angels and spirit workers with you ready to assists. The even better news, all you have to do is ask. There is no need for a fancy ritual and perfect words. It is as simple as saying “Angels, Spirit..I need your help. I may not even know where to start but I invite you in to guide me with your light and love.”….see not so hard is it. Now be open to knowing that they will, those things that pop up or seem like coincidence, are not, they are the angels and spirit bringing to you what it is you need to work on. The angels always come from a place of light and love so please don’t be scared to call on them to help you. They will gently assist you and bring in lots of fun!

So this week is all about healing within, but being gentle with yourself as you do. There are wonderful times on the other side of this. The angels say “You’ve come a long way baby and we are waiting for you with abundant gifts for all your hard work.”

Some action steps you can do for the week to help with the process:

  • Go with the flow
  • Call on the angels and spirit to bring to light what you can work on healing
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day, the energies are everywhere
  • Be gentle with yourself
  • Make time to get out with your friends and have a little fun

Until next time with lots of squishy light and love,

Jamie Streett & her “angelic spirit crew”

jamie streettJamie Streett is an angel communication master. Being born a crystaline in this life she is here to help souls heal and live in alignment with their highest good. She works as an Angelic Life Minister, Angelic Life Coach, Angel Communicator, EFT Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. She is certified through Angels Teach University, and licensed through the AMT.She feels laughter truly is the best medicine and takes the approach to make healing the most fun possible. You have hurt enough in the past, your healing shouldn’t have to.

If you would like to work with Jamie she can be found at the following:


Inspired Clothing’s mission is to inspire individuals to take action in their lives and be positive role models for others.


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  1. nicole November 18, 2013 at 3:28 pm - 

    Your very much welcome Kristy! Jamie’s Angelic Forecast will now be featured on the site every Friday 🙂
    So glad you loved it (and her!)
    *squishy hugs*

  2. nicole November 18, 2013 at 3:27 pm - 

    What an awesome comment Shakthi!! Thank you for letting me know you appreciate Jamie and her overall amazeballs-ness 🙂
    *squishy hugs*

  3. Shakthi Shiv November 16, 2013 at 6:53 am - 

    Jamie and her messages has been the beacon of light during the moments of darkness in my life. She helped me heal internally with so much of love and compassion. To Jamie and her angelic spirit crew, here is a bone crushing hug!

  4. Kristy November 15, 2013 at 5:18 pm - 

    Thank you so much for featuring Jamie. She has done many readings for me. 100% deAd on. I have really needed her spiritual guide ness in my growing process. Take a moment and reach out to her. Such an amazing experience.

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