Angelic Forecast 28th March – 3rd April, 2014

Weekly Angelic Forecast Off 92

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Hello amazing squishies!!! Another week another forecast ehhh?!?! I am excited for this one, my energy is ramping up just thinking about it, which tells me this is a high energy week ahead! So let’s get this party started shall we????

moon angelOk first things first, this week is leading up to and through the new moon energy of the 30th and the angels have been telling me this is a big one, especially since it is the new moon before the eclipse on the 15th of April. So can anyone say Manifestation???

Friday-Sunday, this is time to seriously no beating around the bush for the 100th time dream your biggest dream and let it come into reality! I know you have heard me say this before but it is soooo important to do so right now. If you are in a rut, doing a job you don’t like to do. I want you to dig down deep and find your passion. Now take a moment to see yourself making a career out of this, and all you want to come in life to you. DO NOT worry about the how, just see it and know it will be! (See below for what else to do for the new moon.)

Monday & Tuesday, Let go of fears, fears or what will change if your dream comes true, because there is no “If” it is only “will” if you really want it to and allow it to. This is the time to say good bye to fear and hello to planting the seeds of your dreams. The beautiful part, all you have to do to plant those seeds is focus on the vision you had knowing in your heart of hearts, it will come true. Give it over to the creator and universe to make it happen and work out the details.

Wednesday & Thursday, Get moving, the energy is up we are now coming off the new moon energy and your seeds are planted. Let’s start living like our dreams are coming true. You know why because as long as you believe even if you aren’t seeing results yet, they are!!!! How awesome does that feel? How can you not get up and shake it a little????

So there you have it, this week’s report!

Your action steps for the week are as follow:

  •  Dream. Dream. Dream.

  • Let go of fear.

  • Plant those seeds.

  • Celebrate.

  • New moon ceremony.

Now for your new moon ceremony, I want you to write down up to 10 things you want to manifest. All good things, what do you want to create. Write it down, put it in your pillow case or on your altar. I personally tend to keep mine outside under a piece of quartz until the next new moon, then I burn it and give thanks. Also write out your new moon abundance checks, you can write it on a check of your own or simply google new moon abundance checks and you will find websites and premade checks with instructions to fill them out. So have at it, enjoy this beautiful, creative, and exciting energy loves!!!

In blessed light and love,

Jamie & her angels

Jamie Streett is an angel communication master. Being born a crystaline in this life she is here to help souls heal and live in alignment with their highest good. She works as an Angelic Life Minister, Angelic Life Coach, Angel Communicator, EFT Practitioner, EmoTrance Practitioner, Human Design Specialist, and Hypnotherapist. She is certified through Angels Teach University, and licensed through the AMT. She feels laughter truly is the best medicine and takes the approach to make healing the most fun possible. You have hurt enough in the past, your healing shouldn’t have to. If you would like to work with Jamie she can be found at the following: Streett

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