Angelic Forecast 14th – 20th March, 2014

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Angelic Forecast 14th – 20th March, 2014

meditating womanWell hello there sweet thang! So glad you are stopping by to read this week’s angelic forecast! This week we are continuing to build off of our theme of finding our true self. This week it gets a little juicy! No worries if you missed the other week’s posts, you can find them on the main page here. They have the prior steps we have been building off of to get to this point….drum roll please….it’s all about love and romance, and not just any love or romance, the most important one…..with ourselves!!! I mean, in reality if we are not in love with ourselves how can we expect anyone else to be able to love us?!?!? Now I don’t mean an egotistical way of bragging and belittling people to make yourself feel good. I mean truly accepting and loving you for you, flaws and all. You see when we really love ourselves, we don’t have to tell everyone how awesome we are, we radiate that good stuff! You become a magnet, people will be drawn to you because you make them feel so good to be in your energy. So the 1st steps to do so are just below!

Friday-Sunday, it is time to release the old you, not the true you, the old you that was too busy hiding the true you, trying to please everyone and do everything for everybody else at your own expense. To do so can be as easy as just setting the boundary of putting you 1st. It goes back to asking yourself is this in my highest good, if yes ok good, if no…let it go! I know easier said than done but if you can get through the initial stage of doing it, it comes natural and it feels so good, you will want to smack yourself for not doing it all along.

Monday & Tuesday, it is time surround yourself with good friends. I want you to start the week off with a girl or guys night. I mean think about how our weeks could change if we took the emphasis off of longing for the weekend, if we couldn’t wait for Monday or Tuesday. I personally feel that sets an awesome tone and start to the week to go off of until the weekend comes. So give it a go and see how it changes things for you.

Finally coming to a close for the week on Wednesday and Thursday, it is all about freedom. Coming off the party energy of the past 2 days, stay in that feeling of freedom and love, this is going to keep your spirits high and your soul open to loving yourself.

So in short your action steps for this week are as follows:

  • Say good bye to the old untrue you!
  • Partaaaaaay with good friends.
  • Stay in the feeling of love.

See doesn’t that sound like so much fun?!?!?!

Now I want to add a little extra in here aside from the actual read. We are coming into eclipse season, April is gearing up to be an intense month. Now please don’t fret and go into panic mode over this, it happens every year 2 times a year and we have survived them all. I promise this is not a sales pitch but it really is a good time to have an oracle reading done, to help you get clear on the months to come and what to be working on. Of course I am available but there are plenty of great readers out there, just be sure it’s not a fly by night person, look for testimonials or use someone that your friends may have used. It’s good to look for someone who has really in a lot of work to fine tune their skills. I have several friends if you are looking for one who are truly gifted.  Just shoot me an email to and I can help you find the person best equipped to give you the style of reading you need. Now that being said, we are all born with gifts of knowing, some of us have tuned it better than others is the way I look at it. So you can also just google free oracle cards online or again just email me and I can send you a pic of some cards (free of charge) for you to read yourself.

So with that have an amazing week my squishy loves

In blessed light and love,

Jamie Streett & her “angelic spirit crew”

jamie streettJamie Streett is an angel communication master. Being born a crystaline in this life she is here to help souls heal and live in alignment with their highest good. She works as an Angelic Life Minister, Angelic Life Coach, Angel Communicator, EFT Practitioner, EmoTrance Practitioner, Human Design Specialist, and Hypnotherapist. She is certified through Angels Teach University, and licensed through the AMT. She feels laughter truly is the best medicine and takes the approach to make healing the most fun possible. You have hurt enough in the past, your healing shouldn’t have to.

If you would like to work with Jamie she can be found at the following:


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