Welcome my beautiful new friend!


I’m so excited to share this awesome journey of soul searching and navel contemplation with you.

This life, this time right now, is so incredible and auspiciously delicious that I wake every morning so excited to see where my journey leads, who I will meet along the way, sharing dreams, goals and visions of  the future lives of ourselves and those around us.



Nicole Suzanne Brown lived in sunny Queensland all her life until moving to a very small cold country town of New South Wales, and still is confused by the choice to this day. Small in stature but big in personality, she has lived in New York, the United Kingdom, spent time in an Indian Ashram and gets itchy feet every time she glances at her Passport. When not being CEO of Spiritual Wisdom Publishing, Spiritual Wisdom Magazine & Spiritual Wisdom TV, you can find her contemplating her navel, somewhere, in some part of the world. 

If the above is enough for you to tottle around my blog that’s cool and groovy..  enjoy :) If you want to sink your teeth into my life more.. *careful. very ticklish* read on my dear friend, read on…


(bullet point version)

  • I  follow the teachings of Buddha, Native American philosophy, love laying out at night watching the stars and swear that clouds make patterns and faces just for me.

  • I am a CEO, Intuitive Coach, Writer of non-fiction & ficition, painter, poet, lover of laughter and have a not so secret crush on Nikola Tesla.

  • I am a publisher writer, and have sold my handmade fabbo Crystal Candle products, Books & Bumper Stickers worldwide for the past 10 years.

  • I collect Marvin the Martian figurines and have friends and clients worldwide send me the bestest Marvin presents EVER!!! (after all for a shorty, the guy has serious ‘attitude!’)

  • In my Twenties and early Thirties I traveled to an Indian Ashram, lived in Long Island, New York and the United Kingdom.

  • I was living in New York before, during and after September 11.

  • I part owned a Spiritual store called “Spirit Wisdom” for ten years in Capalaba, Qld.

  • I help other awesome peeps online let go of their past ‘stuff’ and embrace their lives fully with excitement and awesomeness through one on one Inspirational Coaching, helping them create their own ebooks, courses & in the future weekend retreats and workshops for independent Authors.



Yes indeedy I am.. Come by and say hiya, G’day, Yo! & whasssup Twitter & Fbook

What’s your starsign?

I’m a fun loving Scorpio *we DO exist HONEST!* and favor the Phoenix & Eagle symbols, rather then the Scorpion ‘sting’ symbol.

Describe yourself in just 3 words.

Farts. When. Nervous.

What’s your favorite movie? 

Naawwww! There are soooo many! All time favorite would have to be “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” followed closely by “The Abyss”, “Powder” and ……”Jaws” (although the last one freaked me out so much when younger I refused to swim in my above ground pool all summer) – check out my post on “My Fav Spiritual Movies“

What have you loved so far about your life?

This one always makes me smile and get those gorgeous fluttery butterfly wings in my stomach, knowing that when I start to share what I love about this gorgeous planet and my life I can’t help sweeping others up in the excitement of what I have witnessed, shared, loved, lost and am so grateful for that I would live this life over and over again every single minute of every single day. I am grateful for this beautiful Planet, the way it sustains us, teaches us, challenges us, and loves us dearly not matter what we throw at her. Whenever I am on a plane, flying high above the clouds, my face is pressed against the window and with tears in my eyes I whisper ‘I love you, I love you, I love you’

And of course I cant forget my gorgeous companions that give me so much love, joy, snuggles and laughter.. R.I.P my beautiful Boy Tolkien – 08/01/2013 :'(  


 I was born in the year 1972 in New South Wales, to a beautiful Mother and Father and sister to older Brother Jason.

Both my Brother and I were emergency Cesarian, so from an early age KNEW that life was indeed special and worth fighting for.

My Parents are overally clever people and knew that we needed to move up to Brisbane, Queensland when I was just a wee bub and there we stayed for over 34 years in the bay side suburb of Wynnum.

We had the best childhood any kids could have, with my Dad being one of nine children, every weekend and school holidays we were surrounded by Aunties & Uncles, Cousins and my Grandparents (Dad’s Mum and Dad).

We spent holidays all together at my Grandparents Holiday home at Amity Point, Stradbroke Island and laughed and played, shared stories, dreams, secrets and our lives all together in a small 3 bedroom home (and to this day I have no idea how we all fit in!)

 I have always ALWAYS connected with animals of all shapes and sizes, breeds and rarities and there was many a time when a kitten suddenly ‘followed’ me home from school only to have a few babies of her own a month later.

At the age of 20 after partying waaaay to much for a few years an event happened that life path was taken on entirely different direction to that of my other friends. I was involved with a beautiful group of friends, always getting together at the local yocal (pub) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, dancing, drinking, laughing and having no idea what was around the corner. Then suddenly the hard lessons of life took hold of us all and we lost two of our dear friends in a tragic car accident.

THAT lesson, that experience right there was what changed my life in more ways then I would ever know. Suddenly being footloose and fancy free, living for the weekend lost it’s glimmer and shine and I delved deep into the BIG questions that make your head spin and your heart race. Why are we here? What happens when we die? Why do ‘good’ people die and others (who are judged as ‘bad/evil’ people) still get to live.

Two months after my 21st birthday I was sitting at the feet of Sai Baba in an Indian Ashram, having quit my job 3 weeks prior. I became Vegan and came home with a new love for life and spirituality.


A year later my Mum and I opened our Spiritual store in Capalaba, Qld called ‘Spirit Wisdom’ and worked side by side embracing people from all walks and faith in life, sharing and growing, learning and teaching spirituality and non-judgment practices.

It was there that I first started Meditation and Affirmation Groups, began trance channeling, did intuitive readings and ran spiritual development classes and courses.  A few years later my Father was able to retire early from his job and work in the store along side us.

All was brilliantly shiny and full of love for life and the paths we were all walking and sharing.

But my dear new friend, life always throws you a curve ball when you get too comfortable, too complacent and on 20th December, 1998 we received a phone call that no family would ever want.

That night after a long day at the shop, I sat down with my Mum and Dad, scoffed down a gourmet Vegan pizza and we watched the movie Deep Impact. After the movie finished we all sat around the table and promised each other if anything happened to any of us, we would find each other, we didn’t know how, but we would find a way to let each other know that we were ok. My Brother Jay rang just at that moment and we spoke briefly about Christmas presents and what we were doing. He also made the same promise and said over and over again ‘remember Nicole I love you, and if something ever happened I will find you and let you know I am ok’. He then asked what movie we were watching next. The movie was ‘City of Angels‘.

An hour after the movie had ended we received a phone call, my Brother Jay had died suddenly of a suspected heart attack. Only hours before had asked his gorgeous girlfriend to marry him. He was just 29.

Four days later, true to his word, while laying on his bed, listening to his favorite song and crying my eyes out, I heard Jay loud and clear. “I’m ok Nicole, tell Mum and Dad I’m ok”. Through those next few days, from his funeral on 24th December, to bringing in the New Year, Jay and I spoke daily of how he was going, what it was like for him to die (or as he calls it ‘Passing through Time‘) and what others see. I wrote it all down, shared it with family, friends, clients of the shop, always amazed that a person came in one day asking a question that Jay had only answered the night before.

Within 4 months we had enough for a book and lo and behold a publisher approached us and Passing through Time (first edition) was published very quickly soon after. Jay and I of course still speak to each other, having written more for the second edition of Passing through Time (available Dec, 2012) and I still marvel at how AMAZEBALLS this Universe truly is.


A few years past and I fell in love and was quickly engaged to a fellow Vegan from New York, and tottled off on my own to a new adventure and new country. For three years off and on I lived with him and his parents on Long Island and skipped along, thinking of bliss and love and nothing much else. We walked 10 hours along the Appalachian Trail, and slept in a tent next to a beautiful Teepee for a week enjoying one of United States best ever Medieval Fairs.

Yet I knew deep down that I was so pissed off with God for taking my Brother that I couldn’t see straight. I tricked myself into believing everything was A-OK, until the night we had slept on the Appalachian trail, woke in the morning and walked to the top of a Mountain, and it was so beautiful and serene and quiet. But I couldn’t hear the silence from the screaming in my head at God for taking my Brother away, just when we had started liking each other again, just when we had reached a mutual understanding and spent the last few months of his life reconnecting and getting to know the adult versions of ourselves that we stubbornly had ignored for years before. And then I got it. Because that’s what the plan was all along.

Jay had spoken of this many times before, and it was only on that beautiful morning, high up above the clouds and humanity that I found what I had lost years before. I lost my faith in the process of life. I had lost my love for God and all things Universal. Tears flowed and as I reached out my arms to embrace all that was beautiful and all knowing, birdsong erupted around me like a chorus of cheers and celebration and I knew I was once again in exactly the right place in my life to move forward with love in my heart, and leave behind the anger and ‘victim’ energy that I thought I had hidden for so long.

I’m telling you all this my dear new friend because even if we ‘think’ we have ‘it’ all together, there are lessons we need to learn, our own mountains we need to climb, own doubts, fears and sadness’s that we need to overcome to embrace how beautiful life truly is. Even the really shitty sucky parts.

Returning back to Australia a year after September 11, my Parents and I decided to sell “Spirit Wisdom” after eight years of trading and tottle off to a country town in NSW. Life changed in more ways then one, I quickly separated from my fiance and settled into living in a small community of country folk. Years past, my feet got itchy again and my passport was whispering to me about new adventures, so I once again tottled off traveling to the UK for eight months, returned and within 2 months was married to a British man. Sadly we were separated a year and a half later.

Ahh my dear sweet friend, life is a roller coaster isn’t it? In some instances we are showered with love and adoration, gratitude and become bliss-ed out ninnies, but that is when the BIG lessons appear, the ones that have our hearts racing, our fear grab hold of us till a little bit of pee comes out and the real tests begin of who we are and who we want to be.

Now, after a few years of soul searching, healing, growing and contemplating my navel I have embraced my true self, the one that brings so much joy, that one that laughs, that is silly, that sings loudly while having 4 hour baths surrounded by candles and crystals.

The one that wears funny slippers, dry humps Marvin the Martian at Movieworld (my hero!!) and ADORES Roller Coasters!


I have learned not to take life to seriously, for it truly is a playground, filled with swings and round-a-bouts, friends, family, bullies and love crushes. And it truly is the BEST THING EVER to happen to us.

If you made it this far I am both honored and intrigued by you, and would love to know your story so far.

There are so many things I want to share with you here in my little part of the virtual world, from my weekly Spiritual Musings, to my beautiful handmade Crystal Candles and handpicked Crystals that I send to clients worldwide. I fall in love all over again with the true majesty that this beautiful Planet presents us and I am soo grateful that you and I are here right at this time together.

Friend me on fbookTwitter, & Pinterest.

So; grab a beanbag, settle in and welcome my dear friend.. welcome.

*squishy hugs* Nicole


Nicole Suzanne Brown lived in sunny Queensland all her life until moving to a very small cold country town of New South Wales, and still is confused by the choice to this day. Small in stature but big in personality, she has lived in New York, the United Kingdom, spent time in an Indian Ashram and gets itchy feet every time she glances at her Passport.

She is the of Spiritual Wisdom Magazine an online publishing resource for spiritual authors bloggers. She is the Author of the fiction novel Pride and the non-fiction Passing through Time – conversations with the other side, The Creativity Workbook, The Wee Little Book of the Awesome, and the soon to be released Fictions: Phoenix, Sacrificial Trilogy, Outback Mistress, On the Job and Recrudence. When not writing you can find her contemplating her navel, somewhere, in some part of the world.


  1. hussein Omari March 23, 2014 at 6:45 am - 

    hello, I have a lot of articles that I would love to share to the world, basically connecting spirituality to psychology, sociology, self love, Self improvement, and how to master your destiny … I hope you’ll contact me back , thank you 🙂

  2. John Draper March 14, 2014 at 9:52 am - 

    Hi, NIcole.Hi,
    My name is John Draper. I’m a marketing writer. I want to quit my job, eventually, and become a fulltime blogger. Specifically, I want to do a blog for people who are “Spiritual But Not Religious.”

    What advice would you have for me?

    Do you think there’s a market/audience out there for such a blog?

    What should my first steps be?

    Any last warnings?!

    Secondly . . . adverstising. One of the ways blogs are “monetized” is through advertising. What is your experience in terms of advertising on spiritual blogs? Can it be done? Does it bother readers? What kind of ads make sense?

    P.S. — Have you heard of any other Spiritual But Not Religious blogs out there. The only ones I’ve been able to find are apparently defunct!



  3. Carrie Jolie Dale March 12, 2014 at 2:22 am - 

    Hi Nicole!
    What is the process for submission for guest blogging? Are you accepting submissions?

    Love your site! Love the energy of it!
    Carrie Jolie Dale

  4. Jade January 21, 2014 at 12:20 pm - 

    Hello – I would like to get in touch with you in regards to an exciting project I am involved with. I believe we can help each other – please send me an email and I will fill you in with the details.


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