50 Shades of Personal Responsibility

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Today’s guest post is by Jan-Marie Brooke, founder of
Inspired Brilliance and the creator and author of ‘Activate Your
Creative Spirit’, ‘When Love Walks Out The Door’ and the amazeball
programs ‘Divine Prosperity’ and ‘Living Brilliantly –  a simple, fast
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50 Shades of Personal Responsibility

In the modern world of spiritual/personal growth, we are taught that what we see in our outside world is a direct reflection of what is within. However there are exceptions to this rule, nothing can be that black and white.

When we first begin our spiritual/personal growth journey we are taught to accept personal responsibility for our thoughts, actions and reactions.  This can be a stretch to accept that all the ‘bad behaviour’ out there is in our face because we have manifested it.

In the beginning of my own journey, I decided I could not be held responsible for everyone else’s behaviour – it was more that it encouraged onto my life.  Then slowly I came to accept that my thoughts were powerful and what was going on in my subconscious and mental mind had the power to create a peaceful or drama filled life.

Then I noticed a shift in my perception and that shift came about as I transformed deeper and deeper.  The journey of healing is first to identify and then transform the events in our lives – through our childhood and family of origin – then the genetic line. It is as we heal the 49 layers of our heart and begin to interlink with the consciousness of the whole that the whole dynamic changes.  The clear cut lines of what is our stuff and what is not, becomes blurred. Why?  Because we are becoming more finite in our healing and what was the common perception changes.

Let me give you an example.  When I moved to a townhouse on the Gold Coast, to my utter amazement a woman would come to my door, not wait till I opened it, but peer in through my large floor to ceiling windows. On other occasions she would go around to the side and peer into my garden.  I was amazed, shocked, and frankly it freaked me out. She wasn’t the only one who did this.  Then one night my cat began to howl like a banshee at 3 am in the morning.  I rushed downstairs to find another cat peering in through the same windows. I quickly moved the pot plants into position to block this cat’s ability to get up to the window and then inside I moved the lounge so it blocked the window.  The following morning I could be seen sticking up yellow photo copy paper across the window. Yes I agree I was a little crazy :).

However, I also knew this was something I really needed to look at as the cats were now getting into the act. It could be expected that it was about boundaries and personal space – they were the obvious clues.  Except it was not – it was about our energetic boundaries/protection being dissolved in order we gain the inner strength.  To be able to stand strong/grounded in the face of any outside event or behaviour.

Then that particular learning moved up a notch when I moved to the next place – this time I encountered some even more disturbing behaviour which turned out to be about exploitation of the elderly.  Again I could have taken on board that I was so out-of-balance that I was creating this as a direct mirror-reflection.  It was not.  This was about the final chapter in my latest book ‘Activate your Creative Spirit’.

As a collective we are being encouraged to clear this aspect within that is true, it was however, also about exploitation and greed held in the collective and being played out on the world stage.

Moving on again.  This time I did a job for a friend who agreed to pay me $300 for that work.  When it came time for payment he said no, he wasn’t paying it.  Why? Because he had not done his share of the work and he had to pay someone else to do that as well, so he said he wasn’t going to pay me.  He told me to go away and stop being so ungrateful for everything he had done for me.  He believed because he offered to do some things for me, (I had not accepted) he was owed and in this case it appeared he expected me to work for three days for nothing, as payback.

He is a consummate rescuer who runs himself ragged doing things for others, presumably to be seen as a good guy and be appreciated for all his effort. Except this type of behaviour pushes a person into overload and exhaustion then into resentment and this is where he was – resentful that he had to pay me because he had been so exhausted he could not do the work he was supposed to do and had to pay someone to finish the job.

Again I could have taken it on board that I was out of integrity (as this person was) or I could do what I have been encouraged to do for the past seven years and that is  be strong, calm and in my centre – to speak my truth, nothing more. I decided to speak to the builder who was building my house and his employer.  Not in retaliation, simply to get to the bottom of some of his outrageous claims.  The very next morning the money was in my account. It may be that the builder did nothing and it was simply about me having the courage to speak my truth, from my heart, not in anger or retaliation and the universe responded to that and the money found its rightful place.

For the entire time that my house is being built I have rented this place. In the beginning the Real Estate agent agreed I could stay here, till my house was built. Except the moment I moved in they decided to sell it and have been attempting to force me out. I took them to court and the judge ruled in my favour.  However, from that moment they did a 360 degree turn around. They fired the Property Manager and asked me what date I wanted to move out.  This was such an amazing turn around that I knew this was about having the courage to stand up and say no to their stand-over tactics – then take action via the court.  This experience was fine tuning the issue of exploitation and bully type behaviour.

The point is that bad behaviour from others will always continue and the more we heal and transform our lives – the more this will be evident and in our face.  It is not always because we have unresolved issues.  It is more about how we react to bad behaviour faced with it  – and not slipping into victim believing we are bad people, instead standing strong and in integrity with Self.

That said, it is important to check-in and make sure that there is not a remnant of the issue within and transform that.  However, if you find there are no clues of your part in it, then look deeper, look wider. Look to see if it is more that you are being trained and encouraged by your Higher Intelligence to be still, calm and strong in the face of diversity.  Our world will need people who can.

jan-marie brooke picJan-Marie is the creator of the “Living Brilliantly” programs, ‘Freedom To Be’, ‘Prosperity Plus’ and ‘Design your Life by Intent’ coaching programs, and author of several books.  Her latest book ‘Activate your Creative Spirit and transform your life, business and wealth in 21 days is now available through her site Inspired BrillianceFind her on Facebook HERE



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