5 things you need to leave behind in 2014

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With the New Year rapidly approaching on our heels, it’s always a great way to start a New Year with a clean slate, and everything tied up in a neat little bow.

But with if you spend every year the same way and never seem to get ahead?

Here’s 5 things you need to leave behind in 2014 to make 2015 happier and healthier!

Number 1 – FEAR.

OPEN YOUR HEARTLooking back on the year that has passed, did what you FEARED would go wrong, go wrong? I bet what you imagined would happen, didn’t even come close to happening. Fear would have stopped you saying “I love you”, or saying “Goodbye”. Fear made you feel STUCK and LOST, and ALONE. Fear sucks hairy cranky ape balls (no offence to the apes whose balls they are)

So imagine embracing 2015 with, FAITH, not FEAR… Would your life look brighter, feel lighter, be happier? Of course it totally would!
Theme Song: Let it Go – Frozen Soundtrack (if you speed it up so it sounds like a chipmunk you can totally love it!)

Number 2 – DOUBT.

Whatever you needI am sure there were many times this month, that you sat back and did nothing, because you lacked the belief in yourself to just DO IT. Then kicked yourself till your soul bled when you realised that it was the right path to take all along. Letting go of doubt is sooooo easy. It can be cured in two easy words. Sod Off. Yup, whenever I feel that creepy cousin of fear slide in next to me, I pull up my big girl pants, and telling it to get f*cked. Sometime it needs to hear it over and over and OVER again, but believe me when I tell you, it eventually gets the hint and slinks back to the hole it was born out of.  Stop doubting yourself. Your are born from stars. Stop being a wuss and start being majestic!
Theme Song: Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

Number 3 – STRESS.

Do not confuse your pathStress is the number 1 killer of human beings. NUMBER. 1. KILLER. The most amazing realisation of that statement is that stress is YOUR MIND PLAYING MAKE BELIEVE. That’s the truth. Stress is imagination running rampant and scaring the bejeezers out of you, just because it can. And you allow it to happen. every. single. time. Once you let go of stress you breath easier, trust the process of life, and your definitely happier and healthier.  Because after all there is only one answer to any question you seek in life. It’s either yes or no. It will happen, or it won’t happen. There is no sense in stressing out, when you have no control at all in HOW things happen. Or WHEN they happen. So let stress go and play with doubt and fear. That’s where it belongs after all.
Theme Song – Faith – George Michael

Number 4 – DEBT.

money-womanIf stress is the number 1 killer I am sure that debt has a lot to do with it. Debt is the energy of wanting more than we can pay for. Debt is our PHYSICAL KARMA. How many times have we looked at that ‘’ product or service only to be let down and mad as hell for putting our money where it never is supposed to belong. There is an easy way of getting out of DEBT. Whether it be just $1000 or $100,000 it’s do-able to cut down your debt so much into manageable chunks so you can breathe easier and see the light at the end of the tunnel. First thing to do: pay cash for as much as you can. Starting January 1st, only pay cash for what you NEED. This of course may take some time to get used to, but believe me, it makes one hell of a difference. You begin to really question whether it is WORTH paying for if you have to pay cash for it.
Another way to pay those debt’s off faster is grab yourself a large glass jar and put ALL your coins in there. Every single one of them. And don’t touch it for a month. At the end of the month take that jar to the bank and put it towards one of your credit cards. You will be amazed at the end of the year how much just $20 or $30 more on your cards cuts that interest down.

There is of course.. emotional debt, physical debt & spiritual debt.. which will be covered in future blog posts.
Theme Song: Money (that’s what I want) – Barrett Strong


being-perfectThis (for me), is the biggest MOFO of them all. There was many a time this year that I have allowed self loathing to permeate my entire existence and leave me feeling rotten to the core. It stayed up late with me nights on end, reminding me of all the wrong doings, and misgivings and things I needed to be forgiven for.. That’s how SHIT self loathing is. It lies. It berates. It tears you down till you have no where else to go. It rips at your very soul until you feel so worthless that it becomes hard to breathe. I lived with it so long I put on 15kgs, just to then loathe myself even more. But you know what kills off self loathing (other than telling it to f*ck off really, REALLY loudly?). Exercise and good food. Plain and simple. Feel like shit? Go for a walk. Can’t fit into your favourite pants? Eat an apple.
Maybe that’s why so many of us make GET FIT, LOSE WEIGHT as our number one New Years Resolution? We know what self loathing feels like, and never want to feel like that again.
Theme Song – Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake

Is there something you need to let go of before 2015 arrives?

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