5 things you need to fall in love with in 2015

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Following on from my 5 Things you need to leave behind in 2014 I thought I would make a few 5 things you need to lists…

Waking up this morning it occurred to me that I am wanting to be CONNECTED to something again. Something significant. Something tangible. Something real. Something that spins me around and shows me my true self, the ugly side of me, to embrace my shadow side and dance naked in the moonlight with my goddess side.

With all that energy swirling round in my sleepy/wake state brain I started writing a non list list.

What’s a non list list?

It’s a list you make when you aren’t possibly that structured that you would actually follow  a list.

It’s a list made by creatives and procrastinators, writers, poets, politicians, musicians and people that actually do write a shopping list to come home with all bags filled with other stuff that looked funner (it’s totally a word!), shinier, things that will make us happy for oh.. as long as we want it to.

So, in saying that.. I will be making my 5 things no list lists….

What I wont be doing is committing to everything on these lists, and even posting regularly about the non list list, because frankly I forget, and find something else shinier to play with..

So without further ado….

Here is the 5 things you need to fall in love with in 2015 (non list list)

#1. Louisa Wendorff

louisa wendorffIf you haven’t heard this little firecrackers mashups on youtube yet you are in for a real treat. Louisa blends her voice with acoustic guitar, and mashups the ultimate songs that will blow.your.mind. If you don’t believe me listen to her mashup of Stay With Me//Every Little Thing (Sam Smith + Original Cover) and the collab with Devin Dawson on Taylor Swifts Blank Space//Style (which Taylor herself luuuurved and tweeted to all her twatters recently about. Buy Louisa’s debut album, subscribe to her youtube channel, and make her voice the soundtrack of your 2015 adventures.
Louisa’s debut album available through itunes. 

#2 Meditation Scentsy Style

scentsy-silhouette-collection-bannerFor the past couple of years my meditations & contemplations of my navel have become stale and boring. Not any more. After finding then falling in love with Scentsy & their gorgeous blends of awesomeness I now am back loving my long baths focusing on my DragonFly Scentsy warmer with the delicious scents of Black Raspberry Vanilla and Peppermint or my favourite Peach Blossom & Ocean (helllllloooo visualisation of crashing waves & summer beach scenes). If you don’t like meditating for an hour or more in water (don’t knock it, till you try it!), you can always pop one of their Bath Tablets in to have a mini spa all on your lonesome (funner with a friend tho 😉 ) Not a water baby? Place a Scentsy warmer in your meditation room and choose over 80 different scents to transform you to another world.

#3 The Outside World

This beautiful blue and green squishy planet is out there for us all to enjoy, but I for one, spend most (if not all) of my days and nights indoors. 2015 I’m changing all that. Step outside and breathe. I have started making my own non list list of all the things that I COULD do this year. Not HAVE to do, or even NEED to do. Just Could. Let your own imagination run rife with possibilities. Here’s a few pics of what my imagination yells at me that is possible to do this year:

5 things kayak

Kayaking down Tweed River NSW

5 things camping

Camping with friends for a weekend of hiking, laughing, singing, bug slapping & swimming…

5 things surfing

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn to Surf.. so this years the year.. Would love to be part of a group that all learns together..


After catching up with my School mates at my 25th School Reunion last year, I am soooo looking forward to getting together once or twice a month for a coffee date…

My non list list could go on and on and I just created a PINTEREST board so I could wet my imaginations appetite more and more. Ahhhhh Big Squishy Blue Green planet.. how I love thee!

#4 – FitBit & GoPro-ing

Now this fits in nicely with number 3 and has been something that I have fallen in love with easily already this year. For Christmas I bought myself my ‘dream gift’ (‘the thing that you REALLY want, but know that NO BUGGER is going to buy you’ gift) which was the GoPro Hero3 camera *wets pants excited*. If you are in need for a bit of education on what the GoPro is all about check out this nifty little promo:

Couple that with the FitBit ChargeHr and I have absolutely NO EXCUSES not to get out and have some fun. Several friends have the Fitbit and love it, and now with the many apps available to store your information on (like my fav MyFitnessPal), you can have fun and get fit with friends, and even join others around the world in the FitBit & GoPro community. Ahhh there’s that word again.. COMMUNITY. (are you feeling the need to connect with others yet?).

I CANNOT WAIT to get my Fitbit Charge HR. No more calculating when I wake during the night (and if there IS actually a pattern or just randomness to it…. midnight chippie snacks anyone??), coupled that with my competitive nature and desire to kick my friends butts in good ol’ *healthy* competitions I just KNOW this will be something I will definitely fall in love with!
Time to take back control, and have a blast doing it!
(GoPro available through
(Fitbit ChargeHR available from )


thingstodo5Now this a very apt end to the 5 things you need to fall in love with in 2015 non list list. But nevertheless, I feel it is THE most important one. For the past few months I have felt such a strong urge to physically connect with people. I’m not talking sexual (although…..), what I am talking about is feeling the need to be in a physical space with others. Whether it is joining a group to start new adventures, or plan a road trip of awesomeness, 2015 will be the year you will FALL IN LOVE with people again. You’ve already seen it happen haven’t you? Neighbours getting to know each other again like in the 80’s. Afternoon catch up’s on the driveways of estates is becoming the ‘norm’ and it’s like this generation (hail to the 1970’s) has suddenly woken up and realised that money sure aint’ EVERYTHING. Sure we have all the big toys (boats, cars, houses), but nothing beats a great bbq, cold beers and laughter.. does it?
So this is the year we will fall BACK IN LOVE with other people.

We will learn that SHARING is FUN!

We will learn that LIFE is meant to be ADVENTUROUS!


We will RE-CONNECT with a truly amazing sense of self. Self awareness coupled with COMMUNITY.

Does life truly ever get any better than that!?!

nickib now2NickiB is the founder and editor of Spiritual Wisdom Magazine & a Certified Scentsy Consultant.

Author. Squishy Hugger. Fist Bumper. Editor. GoPro-er. Tv Watcher. Movie Goer. Youtuber. Instagramer. Life long friend of the Avocado-er.  
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