5 Attitudinal Traits of Winners – written by Lyna Jones

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5 Attitudinal Traits of Winners
written by Lyna Jones

“You will turn out to be an alcoholic and a prostitute, just like your mother. You are too stupid to do anything else”.

This sharp statement would resonate in my ears daily for nearly 4 years. My foster mom apparently didn’t perceive any potential in my 13-year-old self. Ever since that statement, I have been fiercely determined to win the game of life and break the chains of my past.

I knew that my strength of will would ultimately liberate me from the ruinous patterns of my family.

Winning isn’t everything. The will to win is. I have learned to master it, is the will to win, and the mental tools to become the victor of my existence.

Here are the 5 fundamental traits of a winner that have permitted me to claim the happiness that I own today.


The only person who holds the chief capacity to get in the way of your goals is yourself.
Anything and everything is possible if we possess the staunch willingness to persevere until we reach our destination.
We must recalibrate our mental focus upon our destination every single day. It becomes a personal value that shapes our character and refines our approach to win. Thomas Edison was the ultimate epitome of perseverance: He conducted nearly 10,000 experiments before finding a filament that would burn in the electric light bulb.

  • rock climbing victoryPerseverance does not entail an obsessive repetition of the same behavior and techniques but the ability to re-assess our approach keeping our end goal in mind.

The path of high-achievers is paved by failures, rejection, and discouragement. But the winning mind is simply never deterred by such momentary setbacks. It strives forward with tenacity and resolve.


Do you dreams truly come from the innermost of your soul or do they belongs to somebody else?
Our family, environment, peers, and cultural expectations, role models, largely influence us.
It is paramount to live up to your authentic dreams. Let yourself stand for your individual truth. Honor and pursue the jolts of your own heart. Embrace your peculiar preferences. We are often programmed to fit into the current societal norms that we loose touch with our unique desires.

My childhood dream was to become an attorney-at-law. I was persuaded that such a profession would automatically earn me the approval and respect of the others. That dreams was irrelative to my soul. It was not carved out of a passion for the law. It was chosen to impress others.

  • parisClarify your vision.
  • Write down your burning pursuits and their accompanied reasons.
  • Let go of what is not genuinely yours to create space for your soul to barge in.
  • Let authenticity be the authoritative mark of your Dream.


Winners are fully committed to develop their craft. If you are through learning, you are simply through. You are what you know. Become a perpetual student to increase your knowledge, your value, and your confidence. A winning mind stays teachable. Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in the world. Yet he works with a coach, Sean Foley to sharpen his swing.

People with the most information always have an advantage. Develop a system to increase your repertoire of information. I maximize my daily 45-minute commute to work to listen to personal development audio books and podcasts, which is the equivalent of a book per week. My life schedule is extremely tight but I make my free time very productive.

  • jumping girlLearn more.
  • Accumulate experiences.
  • Bust through the walls of your comfort zone to propel your growth forward.


How do you feel about your future?
You are not your personal history. Let your past be your mentor for the positive lessons it contains and leave the darkness of the past behind.
The elements of your past can be immensely useful if embraced as constructive blocks for a better future.

  • Anything is possible because nothing is certain in the future tense.
  • Winners assume the energy of a triumphant outcome.


You must become your biggest fan.

rock climbing 2If you believe that you can, you are right.
And if you believe that you can’t, you are also right.

Develop a self-belief so strong that it will ineluctably compel others to support you in your journey. Know that you possess the necessary skills, mindset, and self-concept to prevail at the end. Enough positive self-talk will burst through any obstacle so give up your “I can’ts”. My primary goal since first witnessing my mothers drunkenly fall outside of a bar has been to set my soul on fire in order to teach others self-reliance, determination, and the power of self-love.

LynabangsBorn and raised in Normandy, Lyna Jones is a Certified Life Coach with a staunch desire to help others step into their extraordinary life.
Having endured many grave hardships throughout her journey from childhood into young adulthood, Lyna is equipped with passion and perseverance. Still growing and developing as a writer, she is a passionate individual dedicated to inspire and galvanize each soul she works with.

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