3 Wishes Fairy Festival, Devon England

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These photos were taken at the 3 Wishes fairy Fest held in Devon England each year, the people who flock to this beautiful outdoors festival dress as Fairies Gnomes and even Mermaids, in fact every kind of Nature spirit.

3 wishes festival

 People who love the outdoors, the trees and all plant life flock to come to the talks and workshops on people working together and saving the environment for our grandchildren, women’s groups love this event and many of the speakers speak on women’s issues.

The Gypsy wagon in the photos is known as “Ladyjane”, was bought and restored some years ago by a chap known to all as Pete the Wagon and he travels the English Fetes and  Festivals through the summer, talking of a simple life which many envy,  pete lives on food from hedgerows  roadside verges and the fields, he pays no taxes rates or mortgages on his wagon, he earns nothing and he spends nothing, he says he owns everything he has and owes no one anything, his time is his own and he has no TV, his only luxury is hot water from a small wood burning stove in the wagon.


When we spoke he made a gate for an old lady in exchange for a good meal and some firewood for his stove.

Yet many wage slaves envy his simple life on the road, those who live from one wage packet to the next just paying taxes for the next government war are astonished  how happy and simply Pete lives, this lifestyle went out almost 100 years ago but is coming back as people rebel against the complicated and oppressive government rules and taxes we all now live under.

Pete was once a highly paid member of a maxillo-facial repair team rebuilding peoples faces after road crashes and violent attacks, but after waking up after another nightmare in the night seeing rows of damaged faces, he knew he had to change his job, part of his recovery was taking to the road and giving talks on living life lightly on the land and as simply as possible.


If you see Pete passing through your village or at a Festival, give him a wave he may even stop and brew up on his stove a delicious cup of herbal tea fresh picked from the hedgerows.

Festivals in England Pete is  attending ……   South Downs Wood & Country Fair July 12th & 13th.   Boomtown Aug. 7th – 10th.    Shambala Aug 21st – 24th.    Weyfest Aug 29 – 31.    Alchemy Sept 18th – 21st.    Malvern Autumn garden show Sept 26th – 28th.

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T Stokes.

t stokes large picT Stokes was first Britain’s first lecturer in paraspiritual studies, and is cognisant of most spiritual disciplines but specialises in reading life histories from emailed handprints, and explaining the 4 types of karma and how they fit that person and gives detailed answers with healing and CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy where necessary. Connect with Terry through or email

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