3 ways to heal your life with Spiritual Response Therapy

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3 ways to heal your life with Spiritual Response Therapy
written by Sandy Contreras Boyer

“A man who can unlock his Soul is set free” Iamblichus


pendulumToday we have the chance to have all kinds of spiritual tools available to us to make positive changes in our lives. More and more people are becoming aware that they are an extension of the Spiritual Realm; spiritual beings experiencing life in a physical body.

          But sometimes despite our best intentions and efforts, living up to our greatest potential seems like an impossible dream, something that happens to others in books, on TV or on YouTube. We read all the self-help books we can get our hands on, we try our best to apply their principles daily, we even go to workshops and seminars that help us for a while, that give us hope and a glimpse of what our highest self would be, but there is often something that seems to hold us back, some recurring patterns deeply rooted in our beings that sabotage our efforts.

          I remember once watching a video of one of Eckhart Tolle’s conference where a man was sharing his helplessness about being angry all the time. He had read the Power of Now, and despite his daily spiritual practice, he didn’t manage to get over it, he wasn’t able to release that deep-seated anger and felt obviously desperate about it. This is when I thought how Spiritual Response Therapy could help him move past his anger issue. I wanted so bad to reach out to that man and tell him that there was a way for him to get over it, and gain a better understanding of who he was in the process, by taking a look into – and clear – his Soul Records.

          If we easily carry traumas from our childhood, imagine what countless lifetimes do to our Souls, and consequently to ourselves here and now!

         Fushia power3 What I love with Spiritual Response Therapy is that it takes us to the very depths of our beings and literally clears, and removes the hidden blocks and programs that are part of our Personal Soul Package, and that lie behind our traumas. This amazing technique allows us to work at the conscious, subconscious, heart and soul levels for the complete rebirth of our being.

          If you are curious about how SRT can clear your soul and heal your life in the process, keep reading!

Here are 3 major elements that are most likely preventing you from implementing the sustainable changes your want.

1)    Perceptions, Beliefs and Judgments

          As the creator of Spiritual Response Therapy, Robert Detzler, explained “what we believe in and attach energy to establishes a strong possibility of that belief manifesting in life” *.

          The world and our own reality are shaped by our collective and personal beliefs, perceptions and judgments. All of us have these ideas about how our life should be, about how our body should look, about how people should behave. The way we perceive ourselves and others define our daily lives and relationships. It is therefore crucial to get rid of all the negative and limiting beliefs we hold on to.

          Working on it consciously is one (great) thing but what about your Soul’s buried beliefs? After many lifetimes, souls tend to become very confused about what’s good or not. Your soul’s main concern is to grow and expand spiritually but what if your soul believes that it is learning and growing through anger or low self-esteem? It is most likely that you’re going to attract circumstances that will indeed make you learn through those negative beliefs. There is a common misconception about pain and suffering being the basis for spiritual growth …Good news is you can actually teach your soul another way by clearing the negative beliefs and replacing them by new positive ones. Trust me, your soul will thank you for it!

2)    Programs from past lives

        According to Spiritual Response Therapy, a program is “a belief that has been accumulated in the Soul Records as a result of experiences before the Soul incarnates, while the Soul is incarnated and between lives, while the Soul is in the Spiritual Realms.” There are 13 main programs among which are conflict, experience-trauma, inheritance, fear, imprint, identification and self-punishment.

        Let’s take a quick look at self-punishment. We can all relate to that in some way. We’ve all been there at some point in our life. A self-punishment program is basically a desire to punish yourself that is deeply ingrained in your soul, resulting from guilt for wrong doings in past lives. Our souls are very inventive when it comes to harm ourselves. It can be anything from skin problems (acne, eczema, etc.) to toxic relationships to chronic pains to not being worthy enough and so on.

        If you feel that nothing good comes to you and if it does, you tend to involuntarily sabotage it, you are definitely running self-punishment programs that can be cleared!

3)    Heart Vows

          “[Heart vows] are normally taken during religious lives. Because of their emotional charge, there is a strong potential for a negative manifestation, as the vows are of a restrictive nature”. Robert Detzler

          When I discovered that my Soul had taken hundreds of vows of poverty in its past incarnations and was still living by them in this lifetime, I understood why money had always been a strong issue for me. They were simply preventing me from prospering in my current life. It suddenly all made sense, and I am glad they were cleared. I’m not saying I won the lottery the next day (shortcuts don’t exist in spirituality as I have come to learn) but it definitely cleared my path and opened me up to abundance and prosperity.

          The most common vows a Soul can take during a religious life are: silence, poverty, fear of God, sacrifice, suffering, anxiety, chastity and celibacy. All these can affect someone’s life. Imagine a soul who took vows of chastity or celibacy in past lives, their very nature would directly influence the person’s love relationships today. Robert Detzler explains it best in its book Soul Re-Creation: Developing your Cosmic Potential “these vows are so strong and have been repeated in so many incarnations that they often have a powerful, discordant effect on subsequent lives, even when they are totally out of context with their original purpose”. We have to remind our soul that the spiritual path is Love and not suffering.

          This article is only a small glimpse of what Spiritual Response Therapy is about. If you wish to know more about this powerful spiritual technique, we invite you to check out our Website and contact us. You might be one click away from healing your life!

          With Love and Light,

          Sandy Contreras Boyer

Transcendence2Sandy and Marco Contreras Boyer are Spiritual Response Therapy consultants. When they came across this powerful healing technique, it was first as clients. After they noticed significant changes in their own lives, they decided to become practitioners themselves to reach out to people and contribute to the greater good.

You can learn more about what SRT can do for you at,

*Quotes from Soul Re-Creation: Developing your Cosmic Potential by Robert E. Detzler

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