11:11 – You Are the Gift

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Switchboard to the Stars
with Madeleine St.Jacques

“11:11 – You Are the Gift”


Blessed Day, Dear One!

Moments of truth such as this are difficult to express. Madeleine, your channel, is struggling with this message as we speak. Struggling with the stark nature of what it is we are presenting to you today. There is of course a purpose. She has given us permission to transparently share this with you. Trusting the message and information will be received by those that need to hear it, in that time and in that space. And so we will commence…

Doubting your own Divinity?

Sometimes the messages don’t come wrapped in flashy packaging.


11:11 Codes – 11 November 2014

The colors and the frequencies stand on their own. It’s not about making it palatable or pretty.

You are transmitting a message; an encoded message to benefit and heal.

Our planet is awakening.

We must choose to locate our power and our strength;

the Light within that shines, even when we doubt and despair.

It is through this connection that you heal the world of its notions of separation.

The Unity begins within.

Wholeness — a desire for true connection with Spirit that resides within.

It is YOU who are powerful.

Claim this now for yourselves.

AFFIRM: “I now choose to awaken to the power of who I AM.”


new headshot(2)Madeleine St. Jacques is a Parenting Coach and Educator helping individuals and families create success, harmony, and peace in their lives. She is also an artist, writer, and Certified Human Design Specialist.

Whether you’re looking to accelerate your evolutionary growth & development; or create a customized stress-busting tool kit, she’s got just the thing. You determine the topics and you set the pace.

Madeleine’s passion is connecting you with practical, innovative resources & strategies that work. Tools that give you the inspiration and confidence you need to successfully shift the way you work, parent, and relate to your family, friends (and yourself!).

To start creating success, harmony and peace in your life connect with Madeleine, here:

Facebook: Switchboard to the Stars  |  Your Place of Peace

Twitter: @alchemyarts74


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